Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Mangled Wreck

Stardust polarized a path
of glitter falling
into outer hemlocks
musky breeze
devine technologies
of the far away kind.
Anything beyond reach
from forceful fingertips,
let the silken scarves dance.
Tall reeds tells of tales,
fatality alludes the deities.
For they are more then enemies,
they are volumizing the galaxy.
Let the suns have their play
in a time continuum,
humans have every concept
of life incorrect just as
incoherent as the past is
viewed from our present telescope.

A Nuanced River of Belated Dreams

I reminisce over valued details
of the train stopping at the platform,
steam rising from the pavement,
my clouded vision is degrading.
Congratulating the vicissitude quality
undermines the predisposed nature
of the fraternity.
I hope you then idealize this new situation.
You are most definitely not alone.
Come to the house and walk through
the escape route,
my eyes are wandering search lights,
yet they spotlight the eroticism of your soul.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Annihilation Makes Inflation, The Smile!

My hand fell off and walked into town
grabbing all the garbage it could find
as long as anything was free.

The hand new limitations as much as
humans were the only thing in largest
quantity, yet could not grab.

Ya see, I've only got a small hand!

The Antichrist that Ate the Taco

I forgot to turn off the oven
before I walked out the door
from my home,
before I walked off into my car
and drove into the sun,
before the car reached the edge
of this earth, and before
the car flew off into space.
"It's just the little things,"
she exclaims as she pushes her
chair out from the dinner table,
and the chair keeps on sliding
till it breaks down the wall,
skids across the pavement,
breaks into other homes,
and falls down an abandoned well.
"Nothing is easy," as we both agree
stabbing each other with the kitchen
utensils. Both of us did not
want to wash the dishes.


Dear Daniel Radcliffe,

We will reconvene by the submarine.
Eat lunch in the Suzical, whimsy grass.
Sunbathe and eat pomegranates
and pretend that poverty never struck a soul.
And to be sure the job is done,
at sunset you will die and I shall

Yours truly,

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Organized Oleander Fields

I withdrew you from poppies,
placed you in peonies and that
did not help your troubles.
Your cravings were intense
and yet here we are,
falling into oleander at dusk.
Innocent geese fly over our heads,
moss growth on our cheeks.
We are too hazy from the ash
travelled on wind
from the volcano expressing
its joy to be alive again
miles from here.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Elevator Death Plague

That feeling in the bass drop
as the floor falls out
underneath the feet
standing packed into the
elevator unknowing of
our messy fate.

None of them had a
chance of survival.

On that very day, I was
nowhere near an elevator.
That day is known as,
"International Elevator Death"
You can imagine the absolute
fear of dedicated employees
have to their jobs
that would rather walk the stair
to their gloomy location
rather then take the easy
way up.
Thus, elevators have become
extinct, everyones legs
have more muscle.

Refresh and Underbless

May I hear your squeaking shoes
at my doorstep, please?
May I hear your deep whisper
disturb the horses sleeping in the barn?
May I hear your eyelashes flutter
like wings of a moth steeped in dreams?
May you please hold me under
the covers with fingers of warmth
creeping all over
cobwebs spilling
spindling daggers
rumination inflation
flammable leaves
clapping dry heaves
trying to bite
singing or a whistle
culling the cradle
where it has been broken?

My One. The Only. Lick that Thermostat.

Sloppy eaters of hay via cream cheese,
the royal, Gray Poupon, is standing at the door.
My one and only friend, shall it ever be made
hence, that the present wind bender blew
a kiss onto thy check. Surely it is peek mating
season. The matador is standing at the door again!
I say onto you m'dear, so shall it ever be a reckoning.
In farce attitude at such an altitude at the coronation
ball, that the ball bounced on his head and
off to another odd brain in statue times.
The corridor is leaking in coriander.
Crimson calamities, all to avoid banality...
was it worth the charred meat and silver
gumball machines? I beg you to pardon!
I deliver my pantyhose to your nose,
now sniff! At the party in the churning
of the century, the old models are
replaced with newer replicas.
An old wife shall be traded for a newer
photoshopped trophy. Out with the old man,
bring me a handsome devil.
Oragies will be a happier place
instead of the ones held at funeral parlors.

Punch Bowl Extremities

We all know the jokes
about the jocks bruised
whilst snoozed.
That insinuated the clandestine
charms of the belle de jour
just because they can.
When the fog heats the brain,
we convulse with shame-gasims.
Made out of pure enigma stardust,
they rose to the challenge of bravery.
What they had to prove was ambiguous.
However, the mighty persevered.

Getting to the punchbowl all
haunched over and contorted,
he vomited into oblivion.
I once knew a man that had a buddy
that was a pal of a dude that became
a prostitute to a transgendered bodybuilder.
My mind is engineered to receive your
solitary love signals.
Lets just fuck around.
The end...
or it is the event horizon.
Enter the void, my friend,
my one and only friend.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Slide into a Coffee Bath

My unfair hands almost
choked my neck and
pulled me under to drown.
I am so violent toward myself.
Every part of my mind is against
the purest me, the me that sits
trapped in a clear box.
That is the observational me.
All my other selves talk a big
talk but the real me shuts them up.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kerosine the Gruesome Machine

I poured the gelatin fixings
into the tub for you, my dear.
Jump the fence and lick my toes,
climb in through the early water.
Your tub is your sanctuary
until the trucks come and
drag you away.
Not that I would let them.
The machines won't get passed me.
Growing roots from knees
out onto the floor,
crackling the ceilings,
shattering the windows,
it is a full on war.
A pistol slips out from my
left breast.
The only piece of the machine
weak to attacks are the tires.
Shoot holes clear on through,
the trucks breakdown and slide
about the highway.
Kerosine strikes a blast at me.

Friday, April 4, 2014

I Hope to be Among the Greats

I have made an investment
into my art wanderings whether
I will have no one following me,
my paths will always be empty.
At the end of this journey,
by 50 years from now
I hope to gather up some kind
of fame.
I want to be that haute couture
artist accessible by all,
still to remain reclusive...
I am just a heartbeat away.
The line is pretty thin.
If I don't get there soon
I will die.

Just Thoughts

I don't have anything to feel poetic
about but I have art to do
and I am just sitting here
staring at the screen.
I really want Bikini Kill's
music on CDs.

Swagger Limit Zero

What does a cosmic apple need to be cool?
What do baskets of ice creams need to be soup?
Where do flies get their inviable wings?
When does the child fight the demon for the ring?

All these questions and more to be answered
when the sawdust sweeps the plains
of an unadulterated mundane train.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Neighborly Negation

It is of that certain hour
that your correspondence simmers down.
I am struggling with that loneliness
that burns the bed I lay down upon.
To further the pain,
the heart takes a stab
because my mind is the strongest organ.
If I wonder off into this dream,
leaving the light and descending into
the deeper waters of sparse life...
I would not recommend for you to follow me.
The ocean is filled with dangers.
A shark would devour you
before you'd be able to grab my ghostly hand.
Jellyfish tentacles could ensnare you,
burn you with poisons.
You might get the aid from gentle whale sharks
or an ancient turtle.
Just think about it. Don't enter the waters.
I am not worth the trouble at all.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

You Are What You Watch Not

Not to withstand the implication of temptation
legalizing the first draft is an impish action
brought forth to by the Intimidation Council,
who's sole purpose is to rattle your bones and to
make an Individuals teeth fall out (we provide a
metal pale to drop your teeth in. We must collect
your teeth as they become our property thereof).
An X marks the area of floor that the Individual
must stand on before the court.
This Individual shall receive no outside help
from that of which we provide for our client.

Without further ado, this trial shall commence.

Incandesce illuminated milk (Chinese water)
excluded the roundabout factors precluding
discontinued health relations of producer,
consumer, and caretaker.
This Individual came into contact with the
caretaker the moment they shook hands
and recited the verbal joust of small talk,
jokes, and the latest weather forecast.
The caretaker ran into the Iranian She-devil
an hour before their meeting.
The Iranian She-Devil procured this title
by inducing herself into coma, waking up
on the sidewalk, and deeming herself homeless,
and stealing a taco night family dinner from
her neighbors, the family claims to have
never met her before in their lives.
Why is this She-devil important to our
case? I ask you, why is she not important?
However, the caretaker held no knowledge
that the She-Devil was the toxic vessel of
a psychotropic drug that produced in her
an airborne disease.
The caretaker unfortunately became infected
and passed it onto this Individual.
There was never any knowledge or evidence
of the distraction of this disease and it
is now all traced back to one poor woman.
But now we have this Individual in contempt
of counteracting the drug, and that, my audience,
is where the law has been so mercilessly fractured.

~To be continued~
I hope...

Monday, March 31, 2014

Clamoring Revitalives

Relativists often project
a profound endowment of the intellect
nowhere is a brief moment of insanity
that we cannot combat with profanity.

Prude relatives drink prune juice
judge you at their righteous mind work tricks
and procure you to a bulletin board
to let others throw the knives at your head.

Talking to new acquaintances;
act like you mean it in superficial mannerisms
but to get somewhere deep you let seep
the emotions within...
than they walk away forgetting you completely.

Do not be deceived that life is more
or less a filibuster suck fest
recreating old news with newer drugs;
observational format is for thugs.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Not A Corpse Yet

Even if I slip up,
the net is there to catch
the debris I tossed aside.
I will collect that debris later,
set it up on a stage with
specific lighting,
and paint it onto canvas.
Unfortunately the debris pile
grows large as a redwood tree,
toples over.
Buried in an avalanche.
My body is not found...
but I am not a corpse yet.

You Underestimate Me.

Click to enlarge for best viewing option.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fault in Our Wallflowers

The part without resonance
is to recreate the adjective
prescribed by doctors to
initiate her to this psyche ward.
The nurses lost lemons by
the millions every single day.
No wonderment at all.
She was the type of human
described by many others as
a wallflower.
She relinquished in her defeat,
exaggerated her fears,
performed her duties in mystery.
Others thought she was indubiously
plastered to the wall to keep
the foundations held up and steady.
However, the day she made the
walls freeze over and heave,
eruptions broke, flowed, and were freed.
Every inch of her pallet was resourced
by the undead government.
"Watch out for the quiet ones" was
a whispered phrase held on keychains.
If you didn't know it,
it is the word of the prophets now.

Earth is Sick

All is fresh, clean, and ideal.
Unrealistic expectations to place
on dirty humans, the hobos of the street.
We are not discreet,
standing on feet
doubled over by limbs
weighted down by guts and ribs
and on top of it all,
the brain compartment
bounded by skull, flesh, hair, maybe
a hat, and a mouth that speaks too much
when it shouldn't be heard.
The eyes that go on blinking endlessly.
Dull breathing in and out the nose.
Ears that remain fixated to the dropping of
change to the ground.
Your feet take off running,
just to catch some metal.
What does this life mean at all?

Candlestick Catacombs

A razor blade at bay
crept in and swooped away
with pieces of your limeade hair.
Candy-centric society
caffeine addict hypocrisy
sheds leeway to greater musings.
Unpublished and unsound
puttering the particles and bits
milking the shrouds of envy; snake fangs.
Venom produce
packaged in Syracuse
shipped internationally...
aren't you a proud mama blues?


Explaining the handmade maiden voyage,
I express my frivolous frailty.
Deeply regrettable are the vegetables,
leave the platter next to the salt shaker.


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Monday, March 17, 2014

Running Toward the Edge of A Time Piece

If I had leapt toward a cow
inward innards bludgeoning plow
begonias muddled up
stinking rags
petunia helium
realistic mags.
Goldfish atheneum
sepulture brags
hidden indigo gypsy
smoking scabs.
Trespassing trapeze
troops deploy in breeze
creep in knee deep
seaweed scum
open eyelids
out toward shattering
gramophones glass.
Remain like a statue
collect like magnets
invisable as a rhino
within the grass
bleeding out for the mass.
Sneezing, bumping,
blurting out secret words,
friends, no friends, go back home.
Lock up, look out, die alone.
Sneaking ghostly
around the cabinet,
knock the contents out,
scare a man.
Make your way at the ground
six feet under going down.
Dizzy array of blurring sand,
shocking the foundations,
collapse a house,
devils work,
worship no one.
Gathering ego,
reincarnation incompletion,
missing half of yourself,
search the people,
pick up trails of wormhole gas.


I don't want to feel anything.
Forgiveness of empty mountain air,
arid desolation is a dislocated joint,
the space between the ligament reclining
muscle and skin with blood,
I can't have this life I want to have.
And for that I must die.
Never. Do not cry.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

You Can Marry The Dead

Do not be a deliberate liberal
To count the keys 
And to turn down the menus
Of a departed restaurant. 
Calling out the capture and release
Of my mind from a vice grip, you chose to drip Thorazine from time to time. Get the floor slick and go spinning. My arms don’t reach too high, nothing 
there but clear air.

Pushing Crocuses

You inhaled the soft opal aroma
in and around the different ground.
Taking the water from my cup
was all that you could do
to be yourself.
This is a night that you take
all your influences and use them
to empower your psyche.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Personal Poverty

Edging out to the unusual...
I thus kindly confess,
due to the inclimate unrest,
I cannot connect to others.
If fingertips were to touch
a few particles of your skin,
a chemistry would surely stir.
The physicality is a localized
heathen beast, comes out to feast.
Yet, on a deeper level is what a
soul searcher seeks.
Those levels are caution taped
away from me.
Whether is I whom sticks the tape,
or I sense that you've placed
wall, I respect that wall.
Awkwardness does not
make me back away, but
your ability to initiate quiet time...
the unintentional "Oh my life is
busy" excuse becomes
tired and boring to me.
I am always the one left out
of everybody's life.
Why can't they just talk to me?
No one has a yearning
or a glimmering curiosity to
hang out with me?
If I can't call the shots,
but you do,
I'm the doormat that is
trampled on.
It has been this way
for far too long.
I should accept my loneliness.

I Have A Lot of Alone Time to Be Sick

If you haven't known defeat,
it is going to sleep before midnight.
If you do not understand time,
then no space shall be made for you.
If you cannot count the cars,
the result will be devastating.

Distractions of fairy worlds
degrade an existence profusely
rendered at the subconscious level.
What becomes ironic is the bolder
barely bares resemblance to the
mirror reflection,
that is merely and inclination to
flirt with said iconic idols.

If it pleases the family,
pleasures the wounded,
doves the unloved,
digs out the glass shards,
then and only then shall you
be mine own wife.

On a vine we mingle,
delightful tingles,
twitches and pearls,
ringlets and wronglets,
the lead that dripped into
your ear...
tape up the orifices.
Mommy does you no harm.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Shot Glass from Tokyo

Irreplaceable claim typed out
in copious amounts of steel sheets
is the contract for your love to me.

Shout it out from your industrial
strength lungs because I will
not believe you otherwise.

It is not commitment until
that ring is a psychical representation
and then digitized and subliminalized.

On Space Station 31 (aka Neptunes Neighbor)
our honeymoon was a nude adventure
and nothing will fade from sight.

Sealed too tight,
intergalactic light,
fighting out every fear.

The Persona of Dread

The one that can be missed
is always there
staring at you with longing.
As invisible as a gravitational tree,
a raw cut eulogy will sooth me.
And what words shall grace the stone
as the epitaph, or will it remain empty?
One cannot sneak out of the grave,
for it is the final resting place.
And at the sound of a winter cup
that the spoon knocked upon and
opened you up to a world of lonely.
Trying their best as if to accommodate
the stale dove feathers leading to hope,
nothing finds the living scope.
However, hovering over the dread
aspect, picking up on hidden sounds,
observable trenches;
code word thermometer,
trial run climber,
detachable state sideliner.
A sinner is closer to the sun
and for that my friend is your gun
that you placed directly to my heart.
You pulled that trigger to do away
with me and it worked.


Aloha! My name is Amanda, I just like to go by Ama. Finding a way to describe myself is tough, I'm always in a constant state of flux. Poetry has always been a growing interest of mine, I am thus quite vested in making it a habit to have to write every single day just as much as I draw and paint. I am 23 years old and after graduating college, I haven't read a complete novel... that makes me feel so awful. However, I find it so delightful to read others writing on this site. That helps to fill the void of ingesting words into my brain! Although, I am an avid online article reader, they're just so accessible! Other interests of mine include science fiction (mainly Star Trek), MUSIC, study of insects, art history,and when my car has its necessary repairs I will have a gym membership.  I work part time as a floral designer, teach jewelry classes, and sometimes get freelance graphic design work.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

To Unreality

Rectify fritters and doubly rich
characters that cannot come in
contact with me.
How did I get here?
and trouble staring
to finish...

Just how can a car zoom
and I've had no acupuncture
to prove the balance of place.

Paranormal Paranoia

Perhaps the wind passing
the looms of a fractal face
is at the concert in a glass eye
and mechanical heart.
Receipt printed,
debatable usage of money,
God can't place the change
in your mind.
And still you go home and
climb into bed
or is it a studio of art,
crafting of love,
a lonely place.
The ghosts that sit
at the nebula of your skull
churn all your thoughts
preventing actions
like caution tape,
a barricade unlike brocade.
You or I, it's just me, the haunted one
and frowns at the becoming
tapestry that sketches the sunlight
of sky, I have woken up again.

Extensory Media Velocity

Man, melt your mouth on high.
Igniting a gash on filament
amenable mandible administers
trite confessions of confectionary trout.
Two sugars, I placed them on your tongue
and you let it happen
so carefully as that I had none.
At the impromptu rhythm
of dinner in place of a gun,
talk about burning your victims,
succumbing them to mud.
I interjected, got rejected,
and became ejected.  

The last mine to facilitate the needs
of the population
is a joke too laid back
to recognize the crime it commits.


When is it all the time that you need
going to be the time you can't handle
a need for speed.
You crash
and you bleed.
Bleep, bleep, bleep...
please use your the "delete" button.
Proceed without caution,
use your wild ambition.
Do not see this poem to fruition.

Collarbone Parade

Pancake steamroller engineered by a bunny
as chimeras cheer it on
along the sidelines.
Factory workers are now released
due to this great, wondrous spectacle.
Voluptuous balloons with loons afoot,
march toward the barrier reef.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Wistful Tongue Scraper

The abnormalities slowly decrease
when your love intensifies.
The closer we get is as if
a star condenses into a newer
scientific phenomena.
Fem-no-mania erupts,
I grab your tea cup,
liquid and the honey ooze
in retreat...
a reluctant dance upon
brass plates.

The Panda Box Arsenal

Bearing each left turn about
the merry-go-round of bamboo,
a goldfish swallows me whole.
A fish only grows so large as the
pool it swims in...
this fish swims in the space
between the molecules.
If the panda is to be oblivious
and confined,
have you a shovel?
I can dig this creature out!
A voice from the cloud hails,
"You are not a hero!"
The shovel dissolves,
feelings of disintegration
are immigrating like vagrants
up from the hollow sewers.
 They arrive bestowed with weapons
encrusted in mud.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Someone, Please Find: Me!

Plethora of sleek pleather,
a flea bargain deal...
duck and cover.
For your rib cage
is not the meal.
Skin and bones is what
you seek.
That image is so bleak.
The meek soul is too eager,
bring her the elevator,
no, not the escalator.
They asked the excavator
about the news
broadcasted null the heavy tune,
o'er the thunderous mountains,
lowly hung valleys,
shy caverns,
hollow willow woods.
The dusty feet could no longer
withhold the deteriorating dam.
The water rushes in,
as if a woman is late for a date,
only to find out that this place
is so much larger and
gravely different
then when she entered her grave.

To awaken a ghost is a great task,
yet to care for the ghost is an even grander
obsession, so unusual and surreal.
The living individual must be willing
to sacrifice blood and water.
The flesh must be partially departed.
That individual will become
a broken human.

Loosing Time: The Heavy Weight Gain Way

For the lying lilac lack of a
drought-induced dampening field,
the ancient rumors succumbed to
enmass the mountain ranges.

I have wasted my whole day
and I stared into the nothingness
while completely thinking
that it is okay to do this.

Micro anacondria amnesia,
enthusiastically euthanized with a
laser beam by the hands of a
liquidator raking team!

Mythologized acupuncture
conjuncture hereby scrutinized
the sexuality of a tramp stamp!  

Ramp-up mash-ups in music
mix-tapes dance parties,
with a sword between my legs,
words float like rotten eggs.

The Advantageous Horizon

As the sky darkens to violet hues,
the mask-wearers dance out amongst
the shadows that blend
into the no light phase of life.
The remnants of innocence
shall be scorched by the fire.
The means of escape are few.
All the beings are of one mind.
The controller is above the
Carbon copies predates the rock age.
The music forced open wood and metal,
degrading the Gods and the law
and most of all the...
the moon.

Coming to Congeal Me

The makings of an exterior marksman;
leaving bruises and bites, blood dripping,
frailly contained.
And this is not what I would want to
call progress!
To make me silent will take a lot more.
You would have to dismember every limb
from the context of my strongest mind.
Let alone the muscles that adorn my bones
to come and raid me of my peace of mind.
I will not let a commonality of the
same air we breathe to allow you
to enter me, and your words will not shake
me until I allow you to.

Encased in Resin

The Larger Duplex

Container space brain
Reluctant egotism
delayed mannerisms
are the qualities in possession.

I randomly walk to frozen swamps
and ponder the mechanisms of
a merry-go-round.
That eludes to further conclude
the trimmings of lace
traps you in a cognitive trance,
a subspecies coma.
Our vernacular does not dwell
on thoughts that quell.

Take your leave of absence to the
lands of Pumapunku...

Endothermic Dress

If the nuance of my careful
observations are devastating
to you, do not lock your targets
on the base of my brain.

We are here to gather every historical
creative intelligence and download it
to a crystal skull.
Theories suggest it contains information,
but how much more can it consume?
Our wedding registry is continued
at Gobleki Tepe...

Present us with rock samples,
bone shards, and mysteries
leading to possible truths.
I want ruins my path
to become newer landscapes.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spiders of Hilarity

A tiny spider,
many legs for a body,
too much eye sight for one head.
Barely seen and never heard
only a target
lest a scream deems it a danger.
Cobwebs are delicate and invisible
yet invasive to space of the unaware
larger specimens of this earth.
We share a room
and that little spider
keeps me safe.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Not Good

I need you, Syd Barrett.
But not really.
I don't want to be that fan girl.
Yet, I am sure on some level
our crazy, creative intelligence
would meet.
Because maybe it already has
by you being lost and dead.

Little World is Scary and Big Out There

I am just that old lady in her one room addicted to the
Game Show Network.
My fingers are connected to the keyboard
and my eyes wide open to internet trash.
When will my world expand?

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Urgent uprising
espresso lasting
forever unending
pleasure and doom
locking up to forget
letting out for unrest
alarming in cruel nature
or nurture the forester
a beast on the prowl.

Superlative Warning

When I speculate upon some dribbles,
the mind revolves around a
superimposed gratoitous gardener.

Amongst the fake fields,
glass trees and shrubs freeze.
Unlike ice, the glass has powers to observe.

Humans in their wicked ways…
gallivanting the gluten free guillotines
inspiring riots and killing their offspring.

Cutting the population in half
because their wishes of a strong plague
never came to pass.

History never tells the truth
and when the books have been scorched
and I have kissed your lips,
you will remember the one and only Alamo.
I will escort you there on a limo.

The only safe haven left steadily standing…
and such as life makes lemons,
we thus kindly produce lemonade
excluding the high fructose corn syrup
which in turn would add
to lethargic mannerisms.

Monday, January 27, 2014


The whiskey bottle-capped secret
scent diffision,
if it is affirmative…
can crawl like dust mites
up the hearth of your home.

The lazily longitude of your slurring speech
cannot subdue the bottom card.
You will not ace my heart.
I will no longer live by your side.

If what I am telling you
is the utter truth,
you have my lips as your thirst
and below my girdle is your meal.

Upper or lower,
growing outwards in flesh,
rippling the molecules connecting
by infinite laws of science.

Let's have sex.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chair Unusable: Rising Agony

When the sticker stuck,
it clung with dignity.
As for the others…
intestines do not
zing lightly.
The cultured pearl
on the epidermal regenerative
is a gender neutral narrative.
Grasping the slippery branch
with fluffy tail,
have no use for touchable snails.
Clipping sledgehammers
and jackhammers alike,
switching lanes to piss off the mice.
Cannot communicate with clandestine
mate in unnatural surroundings
before they are pulled into a void.
Within the void is only a chair…
a most unusable chair.

The Sparse Chichilad

Hovering above the bed
that gravity used to beat me
down on, all accounts comfortably,
has now been broken within sincerity.

Time has been sparse for writing about
my withering state of wanting to live.
I get no attention because I do not
know how to properly get attention.

Space has been expanding
in conjuncture to my never-ending
search for nothingness.
I will take myself to Starbucks.

Monday, January 20, 2014


I exported my blog to wordpress just for experimenting.
I like what I've done with it.
I'll probably change the url
but here go look

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Opulence at the Height of Anticipation

The moonstone glow is a sun dance away
crowning the glory of an observatory
kissing the King and Queen's feet.
Court jester stares at the unruly
actions of the cantankerous daughter
owning up to little just to cause a nuisance.
This is where the opulence began and ended.

At long last we have the cadence of peace,
the rhythm of returning souls to the population.
Dawning at the sky, purple and blues catch the clouds.
Remember to tuck away the monsters,
keep them away from the crowd.

The King and Queen tend the land in honor
of long held traditions,
however, the degradation occurs.
At the strike of noon, the book of hours
collapses creating a tare in reality of time.
Some unknown disruption leaks in.
No, it was not the wine.

It must have been the mercury
seeping out her pours
possessed by source of alien
activity that caused her to burst.
The King and Queen weep over
the torn flesh remnants.
The cour jester, capativaed by curiosity
touches the silver liquid
and his flesh develops painful marks
and exhales toxins into the air.

No one but a servant escapes
alive enough to wonder around to
the market place calling out for help.
The servant expels stronger toxins.
Thus, the plague shall spread.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oh how I am looking forward to death…

Grating on the Edges

It sounds as if it hurts,
makes strobing lights fail,
seizes your rhythm
and brings ones eyes to close.
Before any face could speak to me
I've shut out my feelings
and left myself with
a tundra hybrid desert
all for you to burry me in.
If I am to be my own undoing,
here it is in writing,
Self defeating in every possibility
there is simply no future.
I am not meant for this earth.
No one was meant to see me
and if they have, they've now forgotten.
I do not exist.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Social Train Car Derailment

Within all my lackluster ability
so consume a crowd of onlookers,
I partake into the unknown field of dreams.
What do we know about dreams?
It has only lead me to thousand mile loneliness.
On the train tracks I had to decide
to live or to die.
I chose to live.
I hopped on to that train
and it was a mistake.
I am surrounded by others,
all of them strangers.
Potential friends? Maybe.
But I would not want to bother them.
In a sheer act of lunacy,
I pull the emergency break
causing the train to become frantic
and at last derail.
A social act of murder and therein lies
my demise.
I am not to be missed.

Glam Mansion

My gothic furniture, for it bestows
robust velvet upholstery.
From the Brazilian hardwood floors,
to the vaulted ceilings,
the Etruscans would be jealous.
Your own appeal could not afford
this grand piano.
Diamond dust sweeps across the expanse
of the floor.
Follow me into the kitchen…

Come try my curry sauce.
I will drip it out of my mouth.
Pyscho-cosmic chrome helmet,
ruby red adorned hips,
let us play with the new installment
of the motorcycle gang.
We are nearly more then eccentric.

Glory Bell and Feathered Furnace

Jade glass eyeballs commodifies you a certificate of authentication.
That you truly are of cybernetic virtue.
You possess the hard drive mind.
Your intellect is powered by microchips
connecting wirelessly to databases of
extreme knowledge.
Please just know that you are meant to be human.
You are meant to be my friend.

If I was raised in Georgia and overcame my
white trash poverty,
I would let you benefit from my mouth.
Wearing fanciful dresses and partying about,
stay away from crocodiles - don't let them eat you out.
I have this marvelous feather hat in my closet,
it is meant for you.
It matches the color of your glass eyes.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Looking Back

The Harbinger of Ill Fated Discoveries: Please Feel Inclined to Disclose Yourself Of New Information (Full Title)

Based on a comment, maybe I should explain little more about the surrealness (if you will) of this poem. I would let speak for itself, but I love this poem a lot. Potatoes are an awesome versatile food. So I placed the humble potato on a pedestal, what if we had to worship such a food? Potatoes have been popular to peasants throughout history. At the end of a great catastrophe that rattled all of the world, we'd have to rely on this food to survive.

Hushed Sounds of Winter's Dead

The sun is blocked out due to abnormalities
of the chain reaction to the rise of a Queendom.
When mothers, daughters, sisters and their bff's
became heavy hearted from loosing countless battles
at the biannual berserker blowing tournaments
at the partially invisible ice skating rink,
the universe cracked open…
in other words, it became a hot mess.
Glowing boylders shaped like breasts,
thumping and constroodling misers and the czars,
humping, hips thrusting, half way to Mars.
My eyes counted the flying cars;
One, two hundred, and three thousand million!
His hair grew out in a flash, became dreads,
constricted his throat till he no longer was breathing.
My chaos is bending the time.
Remember when we used to be happy
sipping on coffee, sucking down sweets,
skipping class with our every heart beat?
And we are in love because we met.
I do not think my Gemini planets were in
alignment that night.
Yet, we got along and had fun.
Brand new barnyard chic is the latest trend in fashion.
Have you got a light?
My hair strands are wicks that need flames.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Before I Sleep

I gathered what dust I could
and blew it off my chest.
My 32B sized breasts
are just hills
that flatten when
I do a backbend.

Newest and Bluest

I am clinicaly inclined to be
a professional cynic.
At the procession of my choosing,
for I have chosen well,
to have a dose of peanut butter
from my Granddad's hands.

However, my confusion stems
from the protruding mushroom
under your drooping eyelid lance.
Do I pluck it and eat it?
If I do not, I go hungry.
How cannot you not see my
emaciated body?
I wear loose rags.
Are you encumbered to belittle me?

SO here I climb the chair.
Up at the rafters hangs
a tightly knotted rope.
If I am this depressed,
you would have saved me
by the bell.
We would have run away
to be with only us
and nature.

HAPPY 2014!
it is a new me.
sort of.