Monday, October 31, 2011

Cramped up Turmoil of My Mind

Attractive boy with curlier hair then I
why do you not give an answer
as to why we date?
A year seems so long
and our love is surely true,
but an answer never comes from you.
I want to interrupt my mind for over thinking
because I know I hate myself
it is plain and simple I'll tell you
that I think about death and dyeing way too much
it is all around here in life even if it's hidden.
I see roadkill and my mind debates if I should have myself
run off the edge of a bridge.
A new month has just begun
will we still have fun?
I guess we'll have fun
when I decide to start living.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cognitive Thinking Space

Coexistence is the equilibrium to which the antecedent enthralls
the mystic chase to claim for the planks above the fiery river snakes.
The mistake was only seemingly simple 
guardians followed the trespassers daughter.
To whom does the golden scroll belong to?
How many chants does the scroll inscribe?
The scroll contains calligraphy of death.
What an alleged surprise...
nothing more does the girl do then swallow her pride
for at the moment the knife slashes across her long hair.
The forests whispers of smoke
the fire rages on.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

At this point in life, I know nothing

actively depressed around natural seeds
a meaningful discourse is with fallen leaves
teeming with dissociative games
gave an unworldly sense of blame.
Harbinger to rotting dreams
sneak the feathers from everything bird wing
fantasy of flight is never obtained.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Euphoria shanked double crested waves
a large whale broke the surface
shattering debris from a previous shipwreck.
Like a liquid lady sang on top of lighthouse by the shore,
a thundering gale would soon end the score
and every home on the land where the sailors once lived,
their families are left remembering
the last words they spoke
and the last cold touch to every wives cheek.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Occult

Out-searched oval organized famine in all sorts of directions
reaching to galaxies glazing grape vines and shadows alike
no man or woman can ever shake slumbers slipping slower
such as snow flipping flowers over and over touching the
older and sacrifice the light that foraged caverns darkness.
Cowardice climbing covert copulations creating clouds
crouching credence.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yours Severely and Truly

The body is somber when the useless worrying evaporates
by the warmth of water scolding the axiomatic sun.
Partake in the restless actions of reciting the qualms
that overtook the furious power you held against the spirit.
Set ablaze the tigers eye, for you know the mercury
has been published in a wound from a gun.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A ring removed from finger grace,
throbbing lashes belief of louder then one can sight
a frozen hummingbirds wings
jolly old time has brought a chair
to an empty stadium
so one may sit transfixed into the past
The present is oblivious.
The future is no existent.


Desirable shroud fitted over their mouths
yes, you wear it proud.
All together, we jump in the black waters
all the oil is spilt to camouflage us guilty.
My sin sinks into my teeth chattering greatly.
A smooth warm tongue dusted with salt
because a child sneered.
Transform us into weeds
we deserve no better feet
rooted where we die
is a mystery no one can circumscribe
as a lullaby.
All of what this horrible planet filters through me
is a desolate landscaped face
carved from a mother's disgrace.
Hand the doctor a scalpel
just start digging away at my skin.
It is temporary until the day I am laid out
between dirt and sky
and more dirt thrown on top of me.
Maggots can borrow my clothes
because I will be a moth.