Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Explosive Device

Demonstration cannot be spelt
without demon.
Lemon and demon do not rhyme
yet they have the very exact same letters.

Sitting at the desk in a schoolroom,
the teacher takes off his winter coat
to reveal a bomb strapped to his torso
on top of his button-down flannel shirt.
The rest of the class reacts and screams,
all the doors and windows are locked.
The teacher announces this is the last
scientific demonstration in class because
we all shall die with a flip of a switch.

This teacher is a smart man,
he rigged the school to create a dead zone,
cellphones cannot receive signals.
He's unplugged the telephone service as well.
He is fully prepared to kill us all.

At the Gallery Indigo of Night

Switching sidewalks
left to right
licking an ice cream
wind sweeps the hair
from shoulders
solidarity is key
to being free.

Skipping stones
till eight at night
feed the duckling
before bedtime
and stare at the ceiling.

The imagination is
a canvas.
The mind is always
re-stretched, gessoed,
new layers of paint.
Be your own gallery.

Debutant Tantrum Tarantula

Curse the pricker bush
and in due time
an earthquake shall rhyme
with fortitude and thunder.
She is confident and trivial
yet when events are asunder,
the house will rumble
Screams bellow from a petite
body, lusting with hot air
and anger.
For she did not possess
the correct colored heels
to match her favorite dress.

The Exhausted Lotus

In water it sits,
above water it cries.
It carries a scent divine.
Many a lullaby is sung upon it's leaves,
willow trees rumor it never sleeps.
Lady by day,
howler by night,
frogs use as shade,
humans use for display.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Heart as an Eggshell Continuously Cracking

At a modular speed
our emotions decline
growing bitter near a grape vine.
I ask of your words to speak
kindly to my ears
but all I see are the typed out words.

I cannot help that my brian ties knots
around a substantial trail that soon
will rot. What am I doing?
I have done it all wrong again.
Every wrong answer to an
intelligent, thoughtful question.

Give me an encyclopedia on emotions
and human interactions.
I will study.
Nothing can compare to the true
confrontation to an intimidating figure
full with a face, a bright complexion,
and complex reactions.
How do I read you?
You have no pages.
Diaries are hidden from view.
I give up so easily and you mistake
that for abuse.

What do I do
when my smile disappears?
I am overrun with information from this
digital era.
I cannot cope with what society spews,
like sewage and grim interlocking with mine.
A book is what I crave,
but the bright screen of a laptop
is tempestuous.

I am an inner-workings of a clock,
an unfulfilled pile of glum.
Please refer to the top of the poem
to read again....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tortoise Shell Ricochet

I have a horror movie for a brain,
and heart that constantly bleeds.
When will a voice consume me?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I WILL be that Man

Interim travails
cannot communicate in such noise.
Television grumbles,
athletes fight
to rid themselves of memories
held in childhoods.

My Neck Vibrates

Rattle snake tails
sway like tree limbs in the dark.
Why is there night for evil
occupations to arise?

Get @ Me

A storming stomach
in a zebra confusion,
we all alight to the very best.

Prolapse Crackle Flakes

Pretty pros pry.
Crafted collars cry.
Freakish fools fry.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sun Dried Tomatoes

I elope with you
to wedding street
to feel the love
and freedom.
Lip balm turned on.
Coin toss never dropped.
From a cloud to another
we leap unbound
like a dancer to a flamingo
once said, "It is I who shall
not die unless the porcelain axe
accidentally slices my neck."
We believed in fairy tales,
we hired a maid,
nursery rhymes never made
sense to me.

If You Cannot Believe

A bell child in a floral field,
a cow lurking on grasshoppers,
a boiling pot of water for tea,
sleepy kittens in a basket of meat,
daydreamers killed by axes,
stray arrows murdering children,
young adults spreading deceases,
wars starting for no reason...

Then breath.
the end.


Blooming feathers of smoke.
A billowing pillow of darkness
to cloak the life-giving forces of a
sun so powerful.
Smog erasures the insurance of glee.
Ash is snow from an evil deed.
(Ash is snows wicked cousin)
And we all know that if we dare to
breath, a masked demon will be quick
to follow you into hell.

That is me! That is me!
In my dream I die.

Larval states magnetize the salmon roe
lava is an amazing flow.
A volcano in perfection forms to a peak
almost to create an upside-down V.
When the eruption occurs,
it has androgynistic powers.
Adrenal rushes my ectoplasm
is create terrific orgasms
it is sex during menstruation.

3 Three Third Place Please (Bronze) aka Looser/Not Good Enough

I have eyes of potent desire.
Heed my knees, watch the keys.
Pick and eat the berries for me.

The singularity of layers are
accustomed to presume the perfume
for obsessive yet apparent reasons.

For the most of the joy and sorrow,
one may only barrow a barrel and bell,
a bucket of whisky to pass the time.

The tin can clanks as I keep loosing
faith the dinner shall ever be served
on a plate in my favor of flavor.

Well deserved credit is an
unsubstantial letter that includes
neatly typed sentences.

Supplement transparent behaviors
and attitudes toward institutionalized
traitors and tailors, they are menders of slime.

Salivate at a rubber tire,
loosen the three tiered wires,
columbine the amassed followers.

Restructure the mindset the instant
he walks into your path.
You need to be better.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Today is a Day of Voiceless Talent

A day so calm, secluded,
stuck on chairs
chin buried in food.
A worrisome day due to
a silencer attached to a
voice box.
It is all the same.
A day creeps up like
seashells to the shore
pulled away with the blanket
tide, the salt mingles in my ear.