Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I am having a very bad day.
No like probably the worst day
I've ever had in a long while.
I feel devastated, defeated, ugly.
I look ugly.
I should starve myself
to be skinny.
I just need to loos 15 pounds.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Perpetual Tag Sale

Pseudo gigantic potato, what have you brought for me this evening?
Is it a sip of wine?
Cold broccoli?
Or a crocodile with teeth of gold.
Oh fake potato, you give to me so much
and most that is free.
What you do not see is my smile.
A potato may have eyes, but you are covered in
dirt and roots.
Oh faulty potato, what is in me that you feel?
Is it my lungs with your tentacle roots
protruding and pulsing,
tingle my medulla, sniff my ears,
make me come to completion.
Oh potato, you are nearly not so fake
when my feelings for you exist in reality.
I am your human wife...

Molding Feminist into a Positive Term to be Treated With Respect

Why is there so much debate about feminism?
Why do fellow women hate feminists?
Just why?
I fail to fully accept the negative connotations that others
percieve about feminism and feminists.
If feminism is to be truly regarded and recognized as a repercussion for mans wrong doing over the history of plight man has caused to women, then so be it. It will always be a force that remains if change is to be implemented. That is why other races and cultures have similar forces as well. I wish that all minorities including feminists would be brought into the same realm so we can all work together. But maybe that is just a dream of a utopia because it is then that peace and equality would be actualized, and we just can't have that. If there will always be differences, then fighting and inequality will always remain. And I mean, if we want to look out into space to find aliens, if we can't get humans to work together, how can we accept an alien species?

This all came about when a girl posted a facebook status of how she can't deal with feminists. Maybe my above explanation is why! I am crazy (okay yes but not really but maybe. I want to think about this more) I watched Star Trek, I am thinking everything over in a new perspective thanks to Janeway of the Voyager.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Lack of Posts

I am working, online gaming, drawing, running.
Trying to focus on making a book.
Even though I am wildly unpopular.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


"W.H. Auden once argued that the standard for recognizing a major poet should be established by the following points: 1. A large body of work; 2. A wide range of subject matter and treatment; 3. An unmistakable originality of vision and style; 4. A mastery of technique; 5. A constant, progressive process of maturation--so that should an authors individual works be placed side by side at any stage of his or her career, it would always be clear which work came first and which came after. " 

Found in this article.

The Demon Bee Queen

Breaches out on left field bank,
the sun balances on tiny leaves.
Traveling brook sings about
the ancient cities of the new forest
tinted blue, cloaked in mint, sun fades in peach.
The Queen is a fierce Demon that protects the bees.
The flowers are hidden within the trees.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We Are In The Same Scene

Excuses toppled with delusions
in factory contingencies of auto radioactivity.
Fluid flamingos sit drizzling mango syrup
to those that continuously deserve it.

The Same Sane

Insignia enzyme zine vemo zine.
Sensualized correctedness of the interconnectedness.
Preprogramed and rewired to luxuries
of condemnable condiments.
Shoe shapes sap
perfect prices beat strideless chap
and to all those who know you,
brain tints, house fits, hours become you.

Intro to interrogation of irrigation process.
A flouncy moth influenced by light sparks
never focuses on the same landing point twice.
If that mother were to even make it there once,
it would die.

Shameful propaganda rings in Uganda
utilizes robots as prostitutes for the commonwealth.
Near future, brothel bears, siblings breath
measures catatonic liaisons.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Awkward Title of the Song that Forgot It's Own Tune

A solid soldier formation is needed
to rub space and religion into
the same time zone.
In verbatim, a double edge taco zebra
is never an alarming sight to behold
if you are familiar with desert technology.
Windy vision in a smokestack crack
away from collarbone cardiology.
A timezone has yet to stand still.

I think my own visions have become
I can't make you talk to me,
I can't ever make you laugh,
what inspirations do I bring to your table?
A humbling impression is a
daytime oppression,
I am a suppressed bullshit monster beast.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Where is this Place

Where is it... my summer-lush; with drippy overgrowth, sloppy, 
hanging, weedy trees, heavy hot branches and the like? 
I want a heat that will suppress my lungs,
keeps me intoxicated to dream of an autumnal brush.
Oh brother of mine, long lost you are,
we grew up so fast.
Never ready to fight out our will
waining the edges of color technology
and steadfast friendships. 
Exaggerated pollen in forcefields of glue,
stick to my tongue as if I were new.