Saturday, July 27, 2013

Molding Feminist into a Positive Term to be Treated With Respect

Why is there so much debate about feminism?
Why do fellow women hate feminists?
Just why?
I fail to fully accept the negative connotations that others
percieve about feminism and feminists.
If feminism is to be truly regarded and recognized as a repercussion for mans wrong doing over the history of plight man has caused to women, then so be it. It will always be a force that remains if change is to be implemented. That is why other races and cultures have similar forces as well. I wish that all minorities including feminists would be brought into the same realm so we can all work together. But maybe that is just a dream of a utopia because it is then that peace and equality would be actualized, and we just can't have that. If there will always be differences, then fighting and inequality will always remain. And I mean, if we want to look out into space to find aliens, if we can't get humans to work together, how can we accept an alien species?

This all came about when a girl posted a facebook status of how she can't deal with feminists. Maybe my above explanation is why! I am crazy (okay yes but not really but maybe. I want to think about this more) I watched Star Trek, I am thinking everything over in a new perspective thanks to Janeway of the Voyager.

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