Sunday, September 18, 2011

No Time At All.

Depending upon the moon
and the way it shall land
is a score or more of lamenting
then needed for a dead scorpion.
A block of cement clung to feet
the mass of people do not move
even though danger is climaxing.
In an instant, like that kind of rice is cooked,
is enough to flee the following scene.
The monster strikes
it's incandescent fire dances as it
burns all the lovely, little people.


I hedged the web. I caught the cobweb. It passed right on through the opening airways. Oh why, if it were not for me, you would not be here today. I tried to call your phone...
Alas, I was distracted by a car receiving an accident.
Incidentally, I caused my own accident with you.
I begged for you to ice skate with me
and you abided to the tone of my voice
to stand tall, stride small, skate to me.
And you fall right onto your face and broke your nose.
How could I have avoided you in my life to begin with?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Planned and the Unplanned

Seeing this for the first time made me quake
I screamed at the sight of flesh in my head
as an lipid and trilobite arranges crawling
bacteria into deathly, unseen places.
To live in my bubble of poison and craze
desire a change in every single way.
Just seeing all that he could be every creep
of my eyebrow hair stood on end deciding
the direction of up and out is so scary and
deep breaths of moisture fossilize like
my crystal of contempt I reached a faze
that I rather not care anymore because
it is easier and I float on a feather I am
raped by men in every dream at night
I feel used and unwanted every waking
day of my life. Just look at me and all
that I could be but I am none of that.
Baking, baking, melting like ice
melting, sheering like rice
sheering, seething like spice.
Laugh at me
you will


I made it once
I made it twice
The third not even close to done.
Moth love
a simple trait,
teach me every way in which to debate.
Roman columns
are masculine and straight
try to comb grass
feel it hesitate.
Lungs lurk
skunks squirt
leaves leech
derping derps.
I hope no one
not even me


A full tree never dies unless earth decrees
that the following condition of the roots deems unworthy.
Never  let a raven sing until you have sung a song or two.
Like my words roll on for free, so does the bare bed sheets.
Rub charcoal on your face until you look lovely.
Death shall envelop sanctity as sacred vows choose to envy thee.

Curtains of Grape

I caught a wretched disease while playing croquet the other day. My dearest friend Mary revealed a secret to me of how she has not been feeling herself as of late. Perhaps she's passed it on to me? Yesterday was so quaint; Mary and I gossiped over tea, fed each other muffins, swapped cute cat pictures, and ran around the field after croquet. I feel more sick then ever. Maybe I am dyeing.

Morose Wicked Rose Dream

My dingy, dark lashes lock on dust. I want clearer vision to stare at the moon in full view. I imagine a rose as large as the moon, blooming as it reflects the sunlight and collects all the moths to it's sensual pollen spores. Each moth will have collected too much pollen weighing their wings down that they fall fast to earth and burn up in the atmosphere. All this happens as I helplessly watch wishing the moths did not have to die, that from such a beautiful gigantic rose would induce this much strife to the moth population! Oh god make it stop! At that moment... I wake up.