Wednesday, December 28, 2011

kill me

trespassing leaders
leaping grievers
groveling heathens
head count

The Trees No Longer...

Over the green hills yonder,
the divine tree shimmers
shaking gentle leaves glimmers.
A lonely maiden saunters.
Restless mind and soul bothers
the local animal and plant life that simmers
discomforted with shivers...
she is often fonder
of the decaying leaves and the growth of mushrooms.
For they are delicate and moist.
She picks a shroom of gloom
decides it is a poisonous choice...
Yet she swallows it whole, she is ready for her tomb
The trees no longer rejoice.


My hand covers the picture
of what I used to be.
Sometimes my awkward structure
frightens even me.
Depression settles in my mind;
hissing, weaving, exaggerating cries...
leaving no room for anyone in my life, I'm in a bind.
My sessions of self-loathing are not lies.
However, I see a clearing
when a smile on another's face
breaks through my gray disgrace glaring  
A light of sunbeams grace.
There is a hope in the mess
of rubble, a wave has a crest.

villanelle-it sucks

Petal of disaster
Non mechanical behavior denies
The program of the impactor

If one my try without laughter,
gardens will suffer due to insufficient cries.
Petal of disaster

Will try to consume the master
protect with soothing vibes
reprogram the impactor

Battle the contractor,
deploy the bribers
petal of disaster

Soon to exploit the crafter
of terrible weapons that tries
to reprogram the impactor

Look for a relaxer
do not have a reprise
petal of disaster
reprogram the impactor.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I just want to throw this out there.... everything I've written I hate. It's all terrible. Mistakes everywhere. Imperfection galore. These poems are just stupid. I don't even know why I try.


"... the rest of the time you are left with your own thoughts." Sol Lewitt.
 That austere quality of a mood
as if you've jumped out and left the room
for a reason in a moment or two
relapse into multitudes of conclusions
cascading from leaf to leaf
that falls at the same rate
as money from your wallet.
Do not trick your heart into believing
that seeing a friend is for the benefit of man.
Leave them and be alone,
they do not even like you anymore.
"I know you don't like people coming over," she says
and how am I supposed to feel with negative comments
such as that?

Self Portrait

Detachment and disassociate. Abbreviate and enclosure. Hermit and recluse.
All of which are too loose,
so they hang around a noose. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Words Were Exposed

Words were exposed until they broke.
I do not speak words well when I become too personal with a friend.
Taunt me with lies
I believe so much from you
but I become led astray
when you start changing
but I am stuck and unaware.
Just like I have always been.
I am moving on so that I do not have to deal
with games of emotions and attachment.

Oil Bassin

Single saint of departure
we move at last
climbed out to sea
cool wind over me.

Dead Flowers

I have acquainted loss with guilt, a beguiling jilt.
Somewhere, once, words were spoken
like lots of geese caught in some grease.
Without a moon, shade, or time;
evangelical hours would soon concern
the scout of thirds tripped into absurdity.
Analog doubly foraged the ice
subtly harkening, "Bring me back nine"
and then the night consumed before us,
our eyes teamed with maggots.
Disgust cheered the wolves of towers
leaving us ill in some dead flowers.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Empty Pathetic

Avast abhorrence unabashed by all obscured and
discolored union, sanctimonious florid.
Disclosure unwanted discover the thunder.
Tangled strings and needles
proved to me to beaten
the nots in the tree are complicated.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Posture of posterity posing pleasure poured proof.
Plastic petals plead placid plaques picking peppers.
Perforated perfumes prefer prefixes pitting pouts.
Paean for pain peeled purple perplexes patching
poignant pads putrid palace pale palimpsest.
Plungers plug a pannikin protruding peace.
Place the panpharmacon pushing pants.
Pieces of paralogism are pelasgic peaching proudly.
Pediments properly pinch the pedaneous people.
Person of Prague picks pimples pounding pins.
Your phatic provides pellets pulled upon profound pap-smears.
Phish is a phratry pertaining persons plucking productivity.

Untitled Title

It is closing time
at the open beach.
it should never really close.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Future of Death

there is this poor fly that is trapped between the glass and the screen of the window and it makes me sad that I see him/her struggle. The fly will end up dead and I'll add it to my bug collection I guess.

Bluish hue

Bluish hue and bristly green
sharp teeth bit me.
Switch off the microphone of
cholesterol and speed away the trees.
Trim deeply at the knees
scraping scrolls leading to treasury
slipping south with all of these,
can a master define everything?

Friday, November 11, 2011


Continuity of enjoying life
is when I can sit upon pillow
of money and know that it
protects me from mud.
The hugest house
all around
a landscape of riches
that is all for me.


My neighbors do not bring
me treats
I scavenge for carcasses of
dead animals
I develop so much hunger
for it is my life
to keep on eating any meat
is a tasty meat.


My mongrel saint
at boondocks gate
shed the ratty clothes
you feel so sheltered in
to come dance with me
bare to the bone
we dine and grind.


Tribute to my soul
all the following gold
wreath of flowers
above the bower
lifting my spirits
ever so high
I shall not ever think
of committing suicide.


The house fell onto
tallest tree so
the family can
reach the heavens
and I sit at the stump
with moss and leaves
roots grow inside of me.


I suddenly feel ruthless
I have no demise
Demystify monstrosity
par superiority
wax the wood

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I had two hundred days to send you away.
The one I love gathered a phrase
from Euphrates.
The steamroller squeezed all emotion
out of me as if I were
about thousand times more brilliant
then any random shade of pink.
I sounded a horn
that sparkled the scorn
of breaking glass
a shrill laugh.
Hour passed noon,
two hours passed gloom,
and what will you finally
have to say to me?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Attributes Beat Beauty

I collide my side with a turn of the knob,
the door that opened up the floodgates
I floated to you on piece of wood,
metal debris sank because of me.
I am heavy hearted lover with more to give
but in reality a shot to flip.
Flowers donate respectively,
I actively abide to you.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Cramped up Turmoil of My Mind

Attractive boy with curlier hair then I
why do you not give an answer
as to why we date?
A year seems so long
and our love is surely true,
but an answer never comes from you.
I want to interrupt my mind for over thinking
because I know I hate myself
it is plain and simple I'll tell you
that I think about death and dyeing way too much
it is all around here in life even if it's hidden.
I see roadkill and my mind debates if I should have myself
run off the edge of a bridge.
A new month has just begun
will we still have fun?
I guess we'll have fun
when I decide to start living.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cognitive Thinking Space

Coexistence is the equilibrium to which the antecedent enthralls
the mystic chase to claim for the planks above the fiery river snakes.
The mistake was only seemingly simple 
guardians followed the trespassers daughter.
To whom does the golden scroll belong to?
How many chants does the scroll inscribe?
The scroll contains calligraphy of death.
What an alleged surprise...
nothing more does the girl do then swallow her pride
for at the moment the knife slashes across her long hair.
The forests whispers of smoke
the fire rages on.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

At this point in life, I know nothing

actively depressed around natural seeds
a meaningful discourse is with fallen leaves
teeming with dissociative games
gave an unworldly sense of blame.
Harbinger to rotting dreams
sneak the feathers from everything bird wing
fantasy of flight is never obtained.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Euphoria shanked double crested waves
a large whale broke the surface
shattering debris from a previous shipwreck.
Like a liquid lady sang on top of lighthouse by the shore,
a thundering gale would soon end the score
and every home on the land where the sailors once lived,
their families are left remembering
the last words they spoke
and the last cold touch to every wives cheek.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Occult

Out-searched oval organized famine in all sorts of directions
reaching to galaxies glazing grape vines and shadows alike
no man or woman can ever shake slumbers slipping slower
such as snow flipping flowers over and over touching the
older and sacrifice the light that foraged caverns darkness.
Cowardice climbing covert copulations creating clouds
crouching credence.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yours Severely and Truly

The body is somber when the useless worrying evaporates
by the warmth of water scolding the axiomatic sun.
Partake in the restless actions of reciting the qualms
that overtook the furious power you held against the spirit.
Set ablaze the tigers eye, for you know the mercury
has been published in a wound from a gun.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A ring removed from finger grace,
throbbing lashes belief of louder then one can sight
a frozen hummingbirds wings
jolly old time has brought a chair
to an empty stadium
so one may sit transfixed into the past
The present is oblivious.
The future is no existent.


Desirable shroud fitted over their mouths
yes, you wear it proud.
All together, we jump in the black waters
all the oil is spilt to camouflage us guilty.
My sin sinks into my teeth chattering greatly.
A smooth warm tongue dusted with salt
because a child sneered.
Transform us into weeds
we deserve no better feet
rooted where we die
is a mystery no one can circumscribe
as a lullaby.
All of what this horrible planet filters through me
is a desolate landscaped face
carved from a mother's disgrace.
Hand the doctor a scalpel
just start digging away at my skin.
It is temporary until the day I am laid out
between dirt and sky
and more dirt thrown on top of me.
Maggots can borrow my clothes
because I will be a moth.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

No Time At All.

Depending upon the moon
and the way it shall land
is a score or more of lamenting
then needed for a dead scorpion.
A block of cement clung to feet
the mass of people do not move
even though danger is climaxing.
In an instant, like that kind of rice is cooked,
is enough to flee the following scene.
The monster strikes
it's incandescent fire dances as it
burns all the lovely, little people.


I hedged the web. I caught the cobweb. It passed right on through the opening airways. Oh why, if it were not for me, you would not be here today. I tried to call your phone...
Alas, I was distracted by a car receiving an accident.
Incidentally, I caused my own accident with you.
I begged for you to ice skate with me
and you abided to the tone of my voice
to stand tall, stride small, skate to me.
And you fall right onto your face and broke your nose.
How could I have avoided you in my life to begin with?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Planned and the Unplanned

Seeing this for the first time made me quake
I screamed at the sight of flesh in my head
as an lipid and trilobite arranges crawling
bacteria into deathly, unseen places.
To live in my bubble of poison and craze
desire a change in every single way.
Just seeing all that he could be every creep
of my eyebrow hair stood on end deciding
the direction of up and out is so scary and
deep breaths of moisture fossilize like
my crystal of contempt I reached a faze
that I rather not care anymore because
it is easier and I float on a feather I am
raped by men in every dream at night
I feel used and unwanted every waking
day of my life. Just look at me and all
that I could be but I am none of that.
Baking, baking, melting like ice
melting, sheering like rice
sheering, seething like spice.
Laugh at me
you will


I made it once
I made it twice
The third not even close to done.
Moth love
a simple trait,
teach me every way in which to debate.
Roman columns
are masculine and straight
try to comb grass
feel it hesitate.
Lungs lurk
skunks squirt
leaves leech
derping derps.
I hope no one
not even me


A full tree never dies unless earth decrees
that the following condition of the roots deems unworthy.
Never  let a raven sing until you have sung a song or two.
Like my words roll on for free, so does the bare bed sheets.
Rub charcoal on your face until you look lovely.
Death shall envelop sanctity as sacred vows choose to envy thee.

Curtains of Grape

I caught a wretched disease while playing croquet the other day. My dearest friend Mary revealed a secret to me of how she has not been feeling herself as of late. Perhaps she's passed it on to me? Yesterday was so quaint; Mary and I gossiped over tea, fed each other muffins, swapped cute cat pictures, and ran around the field after croquet. I feel more sick then ever. Maybe I am dyeing.

Morose Wicked Rose Dream

My dingy, dark lashes lock on dust. I want clearer vision to stare at the moon in full view. I imagine a rose as large as the moon, blooming as it reflects the sunlight and collects all the moths to it's sensual pollen spores. Each moth will have collected too much pollen weighing their wings down that they fall fast to earth and burn up in the atmosphere. All this happens as I helplessly watch wishing the moths did not have to die, that from such a beautiful gigantic rose would induce this much strife to the moth population! Oh god make it stop! At that moment... I wake up.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It Was Okay...

Evil is a sterling silver plate
resting at the edge of circus and blame
it mirrors my rejection and shame.
Coughing up redundancy or reluctant pain,
nothing enters a circle when one has not become
a pioneer of beauty in this age.
Articulate lighting streaks kill delicate people
flower blossoms fly away in whirlwind games
nature has power to slaughter thousands.
And in my room I sit holding my head in my lap
chopping off the skull from the forehead
to carve out the brain of annoyance
and rid myself of senseless blunders
that keep others away from me.
In the end I know I'll cure
my headaches of insanity
bring me closer to surreal reality.
Ratify the doubt,
violate the violent violet cranes whisked away
on a necklace chain all for me to wear
around my nape and please,
do not escape...
I need you now.
You are most crucial to a spherical place
an assignment of grace or hate - I cannot tell
the difference at any rate.
My fingers never feel the same touching you
eye lids blink empty
and now full
such as the tides that come to go
and leave again
until I get tired of this race chilling me.
Bitter, broken heart has no need for new love
the old love was false.
An old tree is always the greatest feeling
in the world as the rough bark fills my arms
and beetles crawl over my hair.
Wayward frills, misery intensifies
stay alive with the devil.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Kill the wild fauna and faucets
fumbling fickle flights
on moonbeams of energy
as petals softly escalate
to eliminate elemental disease
and disasters stipulating sugary
dreams of delicate barricades.

Muffins 2

Brutality fruits in looms of gloom
lolling slower then snails loving in noon
Suns kiss the moons in warring stars
battle out faith of resistance.
Strings release the valise balancing upon the utopian sands.
Revitalize the feathers to carry the world
to create no system to create no order
no chaos shall exist.
Protruding perfection of pestilence reticulates outside
games of hate.
The defense proves no existence of words
so true as blue that the jaguars caught the flu.

Muffins 1

If all sparks in the time of pace pull forth with grace,
you feel foolish to tease me freely.
Dealing with ugly beasts believe deathly lifestyle
calling others out on mistakes.
Blinding eyes with gold
fill minds with incompetents.
Madness mills maneuver masculine masquerades.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Turbines punctuate pressure
so as not to perpetrate the pleasure
of being alarmed in the face.
Stamina withheld the future from erupting
the giant lake that stood below the sky.
As stagnant waters never loose
the relay of death they do so include.
All inclusive stay at the arenas bay,
choice by choice, whisper by whisper,
secrets select their keeper.
Perpetuate the longitude
elongate my servitude
hold my tidings dearer,
I dare you to.
Falling pieces do presume the
earths mantel is impedimenta,
the Gods will win the trophy
of life. A visage of light
purity and fright
lends the viewer to believe
this person is plastique.
Proliferate the ratings of television shows
so the discerning audience will struggle
with greater values then one can handle.
Luggage my be heavy,
yet lighter then the solar flares damage.
Cowards swallow air
enlarging their capacity to fold underneath the shadows
that illuminate the breath of the heros
that copulate with success.
Each goal made by society looses contact
with humanity; every task is inhumanly possible.
Unbeknownst to the commoner that makes sense out of horoscopes
believes a dollar grows into millions over the course of a week.
Unfortunate collages of disaster supplements the nature of death.
Nuclear bomb upon nuclear filth
layering more disgusts and guilt
paves a grave for those who date
the guillotine's blade.
Dance hall filled with dancing souls
abrasive captivity illustrates the aroused
structure of impressive cityscapes.
Every cloud in the sky was poked by a skyscraper once
or twice depending upon the weather.
And a stake for every heart that claims to be broken
due to time and money;
both being deathly insufficient and
vastly overrated.


Unusual activity grants access to possibilities.
Towers of furniture flags super-flat cats.
Incompatible cubes mingle skewed screws.
Recovery is harsh in land of blankness,
try for mothers flaked careens.
Covering my head is a feathered fedora,
something like an ancient once wore.
However, a girl like me might not be free
to such degrees as the sun lets me be.


Incomplete surprises
super files
Time to change the speed
of incandescent schemes.
Place to hold
a seasoned scream
equals none to those
who borrowed me.

A Starter

A fear of dull publicity and insincerity
morphs jagged rocks into steam.
A city full of screams
leaves a land frying and dying
under the guns of an evil nation's army.
A lonely wanderer transforms useless energy
to become a hero,
rescues the people from misery.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

What I see is already empty
and movements are painful
nothing should have happened.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Deathly Dreams

Humans think we will get something better then what we live with in the real world. We want to believe a higher something is out there. We all must live for something even if we just live for our death to go into heaven or have some kind of a better afterlife. I am believing that there is no heaven and just no afterlife at all. Our imaginations and dreams want us to be something and to claim the best, but in the end is just the end. There is nothing else to come from anything. I am sick and tired of living and just rather die. So in my death I imagine I go nowhere and not even become a ghost. I just die and so does all of humanity because I dreamt everyone up I ever met.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tough Ground

I didn't know what time has done when a building of rust was created.
It lasted for about three years until someone got cut, bled, and died.
Drained of life and soul, no one could keep you.
You wallowed in fallow dirt and grimy soil.
I constructed an immaculate grave stone that stands there
commemorating the death you owned.
Surrendering details of digital filth,
weeds crowd the stone
no one sees it now.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Claim Silence

Throwing away intrepid involvement
meaningless gages minimal obsidian women.
Obsolescence is iridescence ridiculing formidable shame.
Counterclockwise intuitive blame
asunder shadows in blind light.
Holding the knife encourages power
to be on prowl of what scares oneself in the night.
Deeper the protrusion is an inconclusive
pain wiped away at the windowpane.
Looking out into silhouette trees
mirroring threshold endurance fame.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dreaming of a Wish

Lake water is a dream
sparkling in sunlight seems
all your days doing.
A horrid face that your eyes
look out from
derange the vision with tears
acidic lullabies corrode the skin.

Destroy Me

I know you think you are
All that shines
Warnings are precious
Zoo screams memories
Pendulum decays
What is new
These trippy days
Past the get away
Trains in yard
Killing is hard
Have you heard
Fearlessness is kind
The soft bunnies hop
Grass becomes greener
Clouds are stone gray
Spring is slow in arriving
I have not had my fill of cake
Drive me off the cliff
Fulfill my thoughts of rope
Dangling about my neck.

Kill Me to Kill You

A lonely gun has no voice
and mystery ants march on the trigger.
Laughing sparrows pick at the barrel
and the mice sniff the handle.

Death death death death death death death death

Deals of lead
shed and twist
melting pigs
discuss twigs
the vines wore
the flowers
sniffing death
lurking upon
open flesh.

Years of Waste

I learned not living within the spider web
would catch me cruel beginnings.
I never thought I would care so much for
empty bowls of singing.
The guilt tore down the bridge of life
and at the beguiling site
destruction is near
had me by the ears
snarling linen tears.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Weird Dream

This dream involved spiders that sat upon my floral sheeted bed. There was this gigantic fuzzy tarantula spider. The spider was very still. Two other spiders that I called babies rolled out of the tarantula in crab shells. I touched one and the legs and a head popped out of the shell. I brushed the strange spiders off my bed. On the floor between my bed and my roommates bed was a pile of mess. One spider still in the crab shell got lost in the mess. My roommate and I could not find it. We are both scared for when it morphs into the tarantula and it will bite us someday. However, we did get the other crab shell spider and the tarantula into a container. The spiders didn't even try to crawl out. Then on a pile of books was a weird beetle. The beetle had human teeth. It was hissing at me as it smiled. It was very strange. But that is the end.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Summer Brings

Hydrangea spoils soil
sun drenched green leaves
snake sneaks amongst the weeds
potted plants knocked over tease
the mole thats come out to breathe.

Plan for an Artwork by Poetic Thoughts

Minimal colorations collaborating poignant lines.
Delicate marks, a dead stale image reflecting life.
Gray figure there
black dots swarm
until psychedelia ensues
performing mindful magic to
emphasis form.
Shapes are guided to and fro
little words meaning they show not tell
keep repeating the tactful playfulness, a wit so diverted
it arranges itself as a puzzle unmatched to the naked eye.
Alas, a clue to her heart
a dazzling sophistication is a start
to gear her art to a newer meaning...
Planning is difficult if spontaneity is the
art to creativity.
Perhaps, let the moth lead the way
to a glowing lamp amidst pools of darkness land.  
Flight is a new deal
to unravel is a scheme
peeling off the awkward feel.

Shooting off dust into the sun
burns off like citrus in a rush
to become a new team.

Helping out old seeds
flowing up a tube
pubescent feeds off culture.

Lost without sarcasm
dealt with trauma in truest form
a unique deed to break them.
Somber cocktails lending the stars bled onto the ceiling.
Rising from the floorboards, and elderly saint,
creating safe sanctity claims.
Nothing could be done
In chilly houses on the hill
Bullocks slid past June.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Everything is expensive
and my mind is only so expansive.
If I were to map out my thoughts
it would become discorded images
and text
all nonsense
and death.
Yearning laudanum and stroking the libido,
yeast is sweet deep virginal cerebellum vortex.
Crammed up tight till no longer breathing
heart is swooping and speeding
landing on a field of mines.
A vision of mimes mimicking  
my art, freedom, and restraints.
Love is nowhere till you get there,
cannot find a simple dream to scream.
The birds screened my dreams
and angels scanned my body.
Soft cows and long towns
Leaning shacks hung in clouds.
Children crowd around a grave
And mourn to greet the ghosts
Of their future
Twisting plastic air
To feast the fresh flesh
Of dying kids.
Swerving swords save personalities
Drowning in the rivers

Saturday, April 9, 2011

muffin magic

the ideal time to eat a muffin is when the sun is high in a clear blue sky and you are sitting on a bench at the beach. While you take a bite until every crumb is eaten by you and only you (do not feed muffin to seagulls though it may be tempting) you must contemplate all your worries. Every worry per bite resolves problems because you swallow them away into your stomach. Stomachs can handle your worries better then the mind because stomachs are weird.


When she lacks, she learns to laugh.
When she treads, she learns to fend.
When she crawls, she learns that love has no walls.
When she sneaks, she learns to be free.
When she swallows, her hearts becomes hollow.
And when she hollers, sweet notes become ferrel.
She becomes depressed and learns to regress.
The tears she sees is in a land without an ocean.
It's too far to starve beyond a notion.
The nights gather ghosts that she hosts.
Parties of death, her sword consumes more flesh.
She, who kills all her guests, must indicate unworldly
responsibility of innocence to go unnoticed.

Untitled Idleness

This dry life is waiting for spice. Empty vessels contradict the shadows you had assumed were there. The decapitated ballerina tainted love's spring flown to show the guiding light as if I had been one all along. That death predicts us to move with the stale air. I lost hope.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Be still, insect, do not move the branch. A languid universe is through all the hours of noon. I have told you once long, long ago that a vast star ship will eclipse the sun. Our journey starts here upon this branch. Open your ears to opportunities. Alabaster and shale, Trinidad to Tobago, lonely eves for cold halos. Which would rather have, a hand for art or murder? Lovely insect, you fear the birds. Their sharp beaks are an unsettling mind freak. Gather your steel and heavy artillery, we have strong defense so as not to melt the ice. Buoyancy depicts the thrilling events take positive control over the wind. This means wonderful time to fly. The branch quakes from the chilly breeze, a lady lost her gossamer scarf. For it was not a gale force wind, yet the lady lost her grip. The wind almost flew her over the edge of the forest. An insect like you is too small to save her.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The fruit of defiance obliterates the berated dunes
and allocated at noon is a dislocated disc jockey
playing sour tunes.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fading Nymph

On the shores of a vast lake
fog treads over soft flakes.
Wounded footprints in tribulations
carries such unnecessary hate.
A girl floats by my side,
a half nude nymph.
Hair is long and wavy
and eyes colored maroon.
About her waist is a beaded string
and a stuffed pouch tied on.
She holds the treasures
many would consider trash.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bone Marrow Rockets

Bone Marrow Rockets, a bright brocade of sound
and light scattered above the dusky gray clouds.
We are clowns in society cheerfully queer
gestures from yesteryears.
I smile as plastic has made me
molds of artificial membranes
I do not control my destiny.
Political sharks, government of rusty values
dart at the sentimental hearts that give a damn for a common man.
One cent used to pay for a cup of coffee.
Portraits burning in garbage cans
phone booths disappeared long ago
why can't we ship in murderers
to fight the wars for you?


Out of the Mediterranean, bristles of thoughts form colors over a canvas. Perfidy is proof of prior plastic pollutants that you cannot forgive the hounds.


Egrets regret the broken feathers left for better measures. Winter comb and brush the landscape take me to a summer lake. Spiders on fire a noose of wire strung around my neck. Let me tip-toe across the charcoal, distance makes a different cycle. Leading doves into water. Shackles shake and rattle. Steeping tea leaves, fragile tea bags, mutants spy an undefined love. Puppet master mates a young girl. Foolery spreads thighs of pure magic. Butter onto toast, juice in glass cup, poetry in morning rays, delightful day. Each unafraid, unaware, innocent dangers linger in the air. Escape and run far away. Loss of appetite. Apricot girls pray for the apricot trees to blossom from mother earth's bosom. Legend foretold this day of night's shade he would disguise himself as prey. He misled a nation. Mistook him for a victim... and what was I? I was nothing but a madwoman roaming the filthy streets. Skipping stones in bloody pools, dogs that bark for food, sisters that laugh, brothers that cry, bullies that loose; we are all washed down a whirlpool of hate.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I become rushed with pain and sorrow in the moment of lovely times. Looking upon life that lives without malfunctions leaves me to compare myself to that extraordinary beauty I cannot obtain. That perfection in confidence, I just cannot simply claim. I am not a flower, I am a thorny weed. With one look at me you'd wish I'd die. I wish I could die too. Invisibility is the state I claim. Secrets concealed, my dreams cancelled, I live on the waiting line in my mind. The butterflies and moths take me away...


Desk drawer opens from my chest
millions of scorpions scatter
my hair becomes rough matter.

Instantaneous freezing shapes
accumulate in the lakes of once
thriving waters.

Immobilized joints
stuck in contorted positions
illuminate all the destruction.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I am connected to a balloon
the loon that saw me last was on the bow of the boat.
I have heard the crickets last song
and danced to it barefoot in the mildew grass.
I am lifted above the treetops,
my knee high socks snagged some leaves.
Reverent ruins in Icelandic sneers
strumming deeply into my fears.
Harpooned heirlooms gush entrails,
relapse into sadistic tortures.
Vibrating poles penetrate bones
necromancer Roman's golden throne.
Idyllic cadillacs rev up with fumes
shelter the scents in glass tubes.
Reverse the prayer praised to a God
that denotes a human as nothing more then a frog.
Vehemently senile..... go out to kill...... drink yourself
dead with poisonous revenge.
"Not to the death," a television voice speaks, "that will succumb
you to your rather pointless fate."
I am ruled by forces that I know of and see,
then why must I feel my heart beat?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Surreal Shower

I turned the cold dull faucet dial in counter clockwise fashion
expecting sparkling drops of fresh water to flow
only to find a swarm of hornets buzz about.
I panic in dismal rage, the doors handle cannot be turned
hornets land on me stinging all at once
I crash to the ground in pain
till light is no longer seen.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random assortment of challenges arrange 
to practice debauchery 
uncanny synthesis 
level headed witnesses.
I cannot feed money to a machine
that is not worth fighting for!
Society runs on speed.
America on caffeine.
Aching muscles 
resulted from ghosts
of slavery.


The you that sits there cross-legged and stares at me cross-eyed,
a cross dangles around your neck.
That leather necklace with the crucifix pendant has bored a hole
into your chest.
A human like you should not bear a cross.
Religion means nothing if you are alive...

Worthless wars kills worthless men and women.
War is a man-made erasure
such as life is an art form that is temporary
always evolving till it

Without words, a song, or a dance
no one will ever rise again.
Have you thought all your ideas through?
I say to you and only you,
give the seed of life a chance...

Lucid admiration occurs betwixt
four or more and thus,
a group is formed.
Use trust wisely.

Death Lands

If you asked me to cut your back in half and let you linger in pain, I would do this for you out of love. Twisted sheet metal like eyes, silver hints of doves gone out to look for land. Wonder out of your loneliness. There grows a cave in the distance. We must hide from placid shrapnel. Supple but chic, grieve for grovers in the greener country side. Warmer pastures of subtle shame, naked in clouds shadows for me. A blanket of goat fur cover you and I. A fire brimming on the edge of the endangered town guides us far out of gloom. Take this mushroom and eat it, it's the body of the earth and lifts you up to grow like trees. No leaves tremble as we walk down a path. Pine trees tingle with volcanic ashes. We are dusted with poisonous white flakes to remind us of the days we killed our young and fed them to fires; we were dumb. Yet, not so incompetent that we knew we had to survive. Weaker ones must be sacrificed. Houses of glum, we are bums, shelter for wolves, scarce of pooling waters. All the land is thirsting for or fresh blood. Brewing below granite rock is sweet lava. The pine trees looks as though they ooze lava instead of sap. I am glad to eat a delusional snack.

A long Ways Away

The day, the time, the rhyme that was shy. Cancel my plans for the evening. I must rest up for the reunion of the glory days. The hours that conceived my powers. The lover without flowers. Give me your hand, for I will place it on a cold, ivory key of this piano. Please, let me stay with you. In outer space chills the finery of powdered pigments to be placed in hair. Lend me your brass knuckles give them to me now. SHout out the exoteric answers! Nuclear rhythm, a solid tune, aging melodies, raging felonies. Tell me again of how you love me! I forget if you are coming or going. I do not see you when you see me. I think you turn invisible. Deniable phantom chains, wrists assaulted with glaze. Former member of my band, discontinue counting on your hands. I will chop them off for you.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Breaking of Many Hearts

Do you remember the way she flew?
Her tiny feet wore pure gold slippers,
her breasts felt the finest silk,
her earlobes pierced with sterling silvers,
gems cascaded down her hair.

And when she cried
every man felt sad
but she was the one to
break their hearts.

She fell in love so easily
instigated shame
sinned every time
still was not afraid to rhyme.
Her sour to sweet disclosure seemed fine.
For it was as though she was brimming with infinite sunshine.

One was never to foresee
she could bend a strong man in half
by the whims of her seduction
she tore at men's flesh with her teeth.
Fingernails shaper then knives,
she stabbed at their skin.
She had a thirst for blood
but never drank it.
Do not take her for a vampire,
she would take offense.

A little of her insanity goes a long way.
She inspired all the fair maidens of the town
to go awry.
"Empowerment to the women!" she cried.
Bells rang at dinnertime and no one eats.

Fortitude of abysmal blame
Go run for your life!
Take the trains marked savior
find some other land of misogyny.
However, that does not mean
this idea will not spread.

***Notes: I really don't know. Sometimes we are all lead to believe we still live in a patriarch society but, from the true women's movement of the 60s and 70s all has seemed pretty equal. I don't want women superior to men, it just made for a crazy poem idea. I don't think I like the poem too much anyways. I will keep playing around with this concept for a better way to approach it. I want to encompass all this thought I have here now. There are still those men that want superiority to women, but all that should undoubtedly change. So should stereotypes.


A true night is fearful flights of perpetual glaze.
A star wondered down from the galaxy to meet me.
A moth flew to my hand and made me cry.
A sister told me not be frightened.
A brother pushed me forward.
I know I must leap past the present
to stick myself in the future
if any progress is to be made.

My own haiku

I do not belong in the present.
Too many hipsters run rampant drinking themselves drunk
thinking that drugs are fun.


I know this day would come
when all the beasts scatter to beat
the sun's heat.
If you knew too
why didn't you follow me
to a safe hiding place
incognito of fluffy trees.
Please be with me tonight,
my handsome lad
with silky hair... 

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I desired a space.
What is a face?
Am I fractal image
of a reflected sign?
A signal spotted
off to the left of the tower
and I froze
but you drove me
out of this world
beyond my mind's
If it had not been for you
or for this evening
a sound would not
have been heard.
In a single season
an assassin is deleted
by their own gun.
Did you know I was here for you
long before?

Silent Spectacle

Gathered from the fields
a gloomy dusty rock
painted in grays
subtle hints of haze.
Mundane place,
this endless face
holds no thoughts
that one can trace.
Single celled organisms
float by invisibly,
but the invisible people
notice them.
Gathered from the fields
dirty rose buds
fainted colors
from a sun that once thrived
in eyes of dark green
are now morose.
A deplorable sight
the night cannot heal
and for once a man or woman
would like to feel no fight
when something small was right
that traveled a long ways
into a crumbling hand.
Another fragmented object
from the dastardly fields 
chose me as the deliverer 
that binds me to a fate.
I must assimilate the heros
of ancient myths 
to an allegorical manuscript. 
From those fields I journeyed over
for many years is a land
no one should enter
to obtain a peaceful mind.
As the golden sun painted on the wall never sets,
a stronghold impulse is glued to my knuckles that never
lets me be. The throttle increases till m flesh burns
and causes the roots of m hair to shake loose.
I cannot settle for the night,
a never-ending day will suffice.
Try me thrice against the ice
a slippery surface is nice.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ambrosia is Brooding

Of tumultuous promiscuity ensues the young woman's mind,
look not toward the love that blocks the sun rays from your eyes.
The mind is a powerful machine of biological connections and screams.
A scared scared lover will encounter your pain of shaded plum trees
dyeing an unusual way from turmoil and hypertension disorders.
Is it unlawful to place peace on a gun or enflame sexual desires in selfish manners?

Shame gleams in gradients of ultraviolet because the child inside lost sight of the moon.
Awaken and  retrieve the spontaneity of motherhood and don't be one to glare.
The sun could possibly not set in your eyes and then you'll be locked in towers
surrounded by fire and no one will care if you die.

Hammer your long hair to ceilings of heaven so you stay pure and secure.
Proclaim a smile that is all your own.
Do not howl or laugh and only weep when looked at
and then you'll see blossom of red from a virgin hole
drip slowly away between crystalline thighs
on linen sheets odorous of your perfume from your nape.

Mother Mary is calling your name,
You know it is true.
be that perfect Catholic girl
and blushed cheeks
be that perfect girl
envisioned by angles
be perfect
What more can a flower do
for someone who is decaying without truth?
When a fresh new body is rotting away
by products that sell cancer and growth delays.
This word, a wonderland of destruction, is doomed to
disembark on an international collaboration to go green.
Yet, America is the one to hold back and keep progress in a
perpetual decline. If you see dead animals all around, think before
you litter, before you use gasoline, drill for oil, burn plastic, use fertilizers, plastic bags, bottles, metal cans, watering a lawn in summer sun, waste food, waste water, taking a nap on a yatch, running electricity all hours of the day, spraying aerosol cans, cutting down trees.....

Ice Swimming

Whilst the atmosphere may tingle one's skin
it is best to stay out of the icy blue ocean in northern waters
lest you are an aquatic creature.
Become a whale with thick skin.

Our Future Is Swimming with Delight

Fanciful diligence of gentlemen within the womb of a yolk-yellow sun lay resting in apricot glum.
Ladies shun the useless gents.
For those men no longer work by labors hands.
Women rose through societies milieus to find their success strengthened by numbers.
All girls grow accustomed to join the working force and pay attention to housewifery less.
A home is an equal place.

Escape a Landscape

I loose! I loose the battle of insight everyday. My thoughts meander and sway. A whistle from a mouth is annoying and deceiving as ringing bells keep achieving the headache to heighten, the heat rises, and scents flourish in the air. My cadence rolls in on a bowling pin. The weight of critiques left sided opinions do not knock me down or thrust me forward, but rather zig-zag me in notable progressions. Am I proud of incompatible faith or is drowning an escape?