Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It Was Okay...

Evil is a sterling silver plate
resting at the edge of circus and blame
it mirrors my rejection and shame.
Coughing up redundancy or reluctant pain,
nothing enters a circle when one has not become
a pioneer of beauty in this age.
Articulate lighting streaks kill delicate people
flower blossoms fly away in whirlwind games
nature has power to slaughter thousands.
And in my room I sit holding my head in my lap
chopping off the skull from the forehead
to carve out the brain of annoyance
and rid myself of senseless blunders
that keep others away from me.
In the end I know I'll cure
my headaches of insanity
bring me closer to surreal reality.
Ratify the doubt,
violate the violent violet cranes whisked away
on a necklace chain all for me to wear
around my nape and please,
do not escape...
I need you now.
You are most crucial to a spherical place
an assignment of grace or hate - I cannot tell
the difference at any rate.
My fingers never feel the same touching you
eye lids blink empty
and now full
such as the tides that come to go
and leave again
until I get tired of this race chilling me.
Bitter, broken heart has no need for new love
the old love was false.
An old tree is always the greatest feeling
in the world as the rough bark fills my arms
and beetles crawl over my hair.
Wayward frills, misery intensifies
stay alive with the devil.

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