Monday, February 27, 2012

Lest We Forget the Sun Gardens of the East

That we steal from the North
to deliver to the West. My
locomotive motivates me
toward my livid mediocrity.
I live with this burden day
to le soir. The nuzzle must
be administered twice daily
for maximum fetish tenses.
Alleviate the relative musings
of triangular jaguars. They
meet the pheasant of fellowship.

Electric Ears

Exsibilation is of furtive petrichor
nothing being nothing
when the flag was tarred and feathered.
Ragged, gray in hair, brittle teeth...
dismemberment of limbs looks too easy.
Humans fall to pieces as time passes.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Suffocation is like a vacation.

Cuttiest Little Prick

Gusto is pure
as in name of the sea.
Le mer c'est soir.
Urchins of yolk
pupils of broke
moon of fork
doom of spork.
Fluster the feather
for shearing river rocks
making illusions into
woolen mittens.
Refine the sunglasses
with expensive wine.

Simplicity is Our Vowels

All above outer Earths, each eating
inside alcoves. Obtaining other
yellow earphones, announcing
Utah as alone. One aardvark yelled
at Elmo, "Obviate ovations or orange
outings allocate!" Eurasians are arsons
and Argentineans are illegal. Argentine
an oblivion in an olive.

All That Slanders Is Not Gold

Like a lantern floating
between the space
between your eyes
and your brain
is similar to the kiss
of a dagger
wounding your iPhone.
We wade in shallow ponds
giving into greater snobs
have we no integrity
to owe our inner-selves?
I am lost and I run for you
and I want to jump
into a chrysalis and snore.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Love/ Fully Enveloped to Your Chest/ Let Us Not Part/ Hitherto Fancy Green/ Have All of Me

Jaguar mist rose
above the tar on early
morning deserted streets.
My eyelashes bend for you
my knees locked
by the keys you jingle
at the ignition
to turn on the car
and drive far away
from a city full of disdain
and despair.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Intrude the introvert
and claim his seashells over meat
he has met the clams on the other street
When it used to be December,
we starred at him and we chose to kill him.
His death was sweet, I stayed beside his rotting
corpse for weeks on end
to smell the flesh become gross.
He used to be like me.
We laughed at the same jokes
and drank the same tea.
We share bread and wine
and grape vines.
I wore his clothes and he punched me.
I would try to poison him before he would
poison me. We hated each other greatly.
He was not a brother, a sister, a friend.
He was grief, madness, and hunger
with no end. We killed him.
And unlike all the others,
it was so sweet. To see him in my eyes,
his rotting flesh. I was enticed to eat his
eyes and his bone marrow.
I shaved his hair off his skull to ware it.
He is not over yet, neither am I.

Improvise: A Good Device to Deceive the Eye

Shouting off the rooftop
landing in the fields
contain the worms for fear
save the gears for mere
insubordinate tears
giving the care away for free
try a whole bunch of teas
drink them down and away from me
I have got no ears.

Flummoxed The Batting: Hire a Deer-Mongering Saint...

Markets selling fruits
are telling of the society's
economic dissociation.
It is as if the people
chewed through the
metal of zinc to
attain the questioning
remarks of the same.
Level with the offices,
the sky-scraper apartments,
For their shadows obliterate
the literate and remake
the same minds. Clones
are nothing more
then a copy-paste cheat
as a fast-forward the
economic shame.
I would love to prove
to the world that we are
far beyond hate.
However, emotions still
brew midst the sidewalks
of cities, in the weeds of the west,
and swamps of the south.

Wielding The Power of Glitter

Lengthening shadows shall repeat
all the moisture leaves me.
The opportunity hereby succeeds
the amount of hypocrisy one must need.
This great ordeal
is none to feel
Peel the apple's skin
to begin again
the ages of October
and the skies of
July. The new word
for a new month shall be
Julobery for amusements sake.
Let us throw a party
and kill the snakes.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ticker-tape, Tinker Estates, Escalades in Everglades, Escape the Rape.

Paper of Payback is Untimely. After the Flight, We Kiss.

From that point forward
I travel backwards.
Committing compartments
to empty their joys.
I am a maverick of
suicide and love.
I marry the dawn to
the bones of thievery.

The Members of Squash

In the unforgivable moments of thread
I shall not give away my head.
The new Roman baths
delight by little bat
and I take leave for the country.
Centuries pass till the day we
reunite. And we tie our legs
together conjoining our minds.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Petroglyphic Confusion

My feathers of gold dust
shimmers from the glow
of your love.

Sweet Nothings Into My Ear. Like it or Not, I am Going to Unsubscribe from Horse Back Riding.

The green gay shrubbery,
I wear my rubber suit
set out for a delightful walk
and I pick four fruits.
I feel like Eve in her garden

Profound Protrusion

Please ermines the essence of all that
has been withheld due to
unaccountable translation
of the protrusion.
Alarming results encumber
the frost bitten charts.
Breathing the air does much for
the tongue tied and
heart knots that we create
from love.