Thursday, January 24, 2013

To Thine Divine is Onto Itself A Mystery

Consecutive constitutions dance an ever thought provoking
evolutionism on our fragile ecosystem.
All the resin in the world cannot cure the disregard
of poison dumped into silent cities.
I am skewed by the computer screen.
If you had to recall my face,
you wouldn't be able to.
The phone keeps you recharged.
Forget about me.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


I have been gathering many views to my blog and I wonder how that happens. And even with a constant flow of viewers, no one follows. Which blogs are more popular to use; blogger, tumblr, wordpress, any other kinds? I have two other tumblrs and I've never tried wordpress, but what could I possibly use another blog for? That would be stupid for me to do! And I connect with amount of followers, viewers, and comments as me doing a good job, that my art form is being read. Yet, I still only have three followers, I feel like a failure! I'll always be unpopular. C'est la vie.

I should venture out of the internet world into real life and enter poetry contests or open mic poetry nights, I need a new audience. There is more then just the internet.

The Unrest is Settling in my Bone Marrow

Sterling silver chapstick
is repetitive unless you check
the current mood of the clock.

Friday, January 18, 2013

A Real One. A Real Good Genuine One.

A real depressed human won't slit wrists
or commit suicide.
The meaningless existence is the prison of routine
to suppress the anger and wretchedness
on ones mind, an ever burdening process.
Once you break, you're broken,
and some form of relief may erupt
due to your confirmation that "i will decay alone
in a cold room surrounded by darkness
the way I entered this world
because you know why? That is all
this sick, cruel world can offer me.
I should have had the power to control
how much hatred I thrust upon a person,
a nation, or a God, but hell if I fucking care.
Every idiot in this world
should suffer the way I do until death."
A catacomb is a school locker.
We have filed away our books and our folders,
an exchange system of ideas
to think of the mastermind puzzle: How can we create a God
to erase existence off the Earth?
A bubonic plague
sounds enticing.

I am Forgotten

Is it social anxiety?
Do I really have more of a psychological problem?
Is it a mental handicap?
I loose all my friends
and I can never make any.
Nobody understands!
I really hate myself and
I can't live like this forever.
I wish someone would take me
as their friend.
I have a lot to offer (at least I think I do)
Nobody ever talks to me,
hangs out with me,
always alone.
I am so frustrated
because I know what I am doing wrong
but if I try to reverse all I've ever been
then I am trying too hard
I'll seem shallow, fake, superficial
I am never right.
I am better off being friendless,
so unfortunate in the world of idiots.
I try to change who I am all the time.
I am never the person I want to be.
I am too invisible 
nobody knows me.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Brittle Skittle

Confirm to Burn

Recycling to reality,
the best doppler systems,
a chained leaf strays not far
from the branch is broke off from.
Say this with me "look me in the eyes."

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Satisfy my French

Joyeux anniversaire a vous, bon appetit pour voiture, et salut en le mur!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

An Over Sensational, Able to Leap Rocks in A Readily Available Glowing Universe.

Reasonable suspicions accommodate the Commandant.
Wicker support on loose gravel
groveling toward the ground.
I surround myself with burdens and misdemeanors.
I am at best a commoner with wit,
misfortune is a bulldozer and a set of matchsticks.
Please get over the fact that life is a monopoly.
The rainbow horrific, patches of salt bourgeoisie
cackle at the curds shooting the thirds of a pistol
off as if were their cock...
or worse...
their livestock
that helps them survive when crops die
yet no milk ever flows from the source of a tit.
Mammals, they are, pathetic ghosts of evenings past.
Live hard to die young and creep on floorboards
loosing prime
give it enough weight and it shall break.
Down into a cellar they fall
it resemble a camp
the dust is just as toxic as gas...

Little Bubble Blue

Straight out from the water in catastrophe
an eclipsing sun never tries the same way twice
to encumber the demonstrative noun.
I am a monster onto you.
I turn on for you
by electrical wires
dance with me, you fool.
Racing in hours of life
challenging me to be completely nude,
vulnerable on stage
in an exhibitionist's cage.
I assume you'll be swallowing down the
formidable coffee
just so you can presume the conscious space.
All the angry people at your face,
you continue to show no strain.
I envy your thought process.
What do your eyes see?

The last bubble does not disintegrate,
it merely accumulates The Waster's daughter, Julie,
to become your bride in post apocalyptic era.
Forgotten are the arts of the internet,
the text message speech of a lazy culture,
and the bolder egos of a nobody town (online forums).
A trash threshold is in regards to our human nature,
stagnant products that last many years
to connect to a faceless name?
Our hunger is growing,
we keep feasting on the ideas of what we can destroy next.
The glue does not hold.
Eyes do not stay blind.
Mouths do not keep silent.
Low energy, yet high tides
speech bubble hypothesizes speculate rhymes
counter-actions triple millionaire crimes

Lucid Dream

Last night I lucidly dreamt of the most wonderful scenario ever! I fell to sleep and I thought of the shire and Frodo and then the whole scene of the shire zooms into picture. Frodo is running through the woods and the sunlight is waning through the light green leaves of the luscious treetops at sunset. I chase after Frodo. He runs to his house in through the door and tries to close it before I get inside. I make it inside and he is popping out different doorways and I follow him. He then hides in under the covers of his bed to go to sleep. He is yelling at me, “I am trying to go to sleep, now leave!” But of course, I do not leave. I sit on the floor and I start talking to him about random topics (I do not remember what I said because as I was speaking I also paid attention to the details of the room even though it was dimly lit since the sun had set). While looking at everything in the room, he get angrier that I do not leave so he decides that I can sleepover as long as I sleep on the couch. He rolls over in his bed. I walk around the room to get blankets for the couch in the room, but beside the blankets is my purse. I ask him, “how did my purse get here?” and he replies, “I have no idea, now let me sleep!” I open up the purse and I yell, “Wow no way, I had a dream about this once!” The Frodo turns around to face me and he is more interested now. I get up and walk around again and underneath pillows are more purses. I exclaim to him how confused I am and continue to ask him how all these got here, he has no explanation. One purse is filled with keychains full of jingle bells and another purse is filled with socks. I thought it would be funny to through some the socks as Frodo and the socks I threw at him, he threw back at me. We had a sock fight for a while. And then I realize, whoa he’s in his bed… I should do something about this… like get in bed with him. BUT I DON’T. And why is that? Because I think about my boyfriend and this wouldn’t be a good thing to do. I tell Frodo, “I should leave now.” But now he doesn’t want me to go. All of a sudden, cute fluffy bunnies and schnauzers enter the room. Everything is so cute and fluffy that it made me stay. AND THEN I WAKE UP! =(
I woke up and I felt as though my eyes were open and I had an intense headache in the back of my head. I did some googling research and a headache can be common from lucid dreams. I wonder why that is. It was a fantastic dream and I want to revisit the shire, maybe I will. Also, an odd thing about this lucid dream, I didn’t control most of it beside for the very first thought of wanting Frodo and the shire. However, I had a realization in my dream that I had dreamt of something similar, but I remember lots of my dreams and never had I dreamt of The Shire or my purse before. Maybe I said that to blur my perspectives of what is reality and what is a dream. The purse is the purse I use everyday. I referred to dreaming it before because the dream felt so real that it was my reality and reality became the dream… if that makes any sense. 
I won’t ramble on too much longer. This is just interesting and I hope it can spark other lucid dreamers to share their dreams! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Watching Polar Bear versus Grizzly Bear. Who do you think will win when they place a grizzly bear out in the frozen ice world?

Little bubble bulb and blood,
can you smell the other flood.
the one in which we both flow on
in the austere notions of morning
and the eclipse of the daytime tips
upon a spoon apon a hill laughing.
Some turtles have weddings.
I live to climb smokey smores
elapsing erasures to ensure a good year.
Wow! It is the new year. I just forgot.
What I have remember two seconds ago
I have typed down into stone
but I forgot to tell you
all the sun sets are the same if you are blind.