Sunday, February 27, 2011


I desired a space.
What is a face?
Am I fractal image
of a reflected sign?
A signal spotted
off to the left of the tower
and I froze
but you drove me
out of this world
beyond my mind's
If it had not been for you
or for this evening
a sound would not
have been heard.
In a single season
an assassin is deleted
by their own gun.
Did you know I was here for you
long before?

Silent Spectacle

Gathered from the fields
a gloomy dusty rock
painted in grays
subtle hints of haze.
Mundane place,
this endless face
holds no thoughts
that one can trace.
Single celled organisms
float by invisibly,
but the invisible people
notice them.
Gathered from the fields
dirty rose buds
fainted colors
from a sun that once thrived
in eyes of dark green
are now morose.
A deplorable sight
the night cannot heal
and for once a man or woman
would like to feel no fight
when something small was right
that traveled a long ways
into a crumbling hand.
Another fragmented object
from the dastardly fields 
chose me as the deliverer 
that binds me to a fate.
I must assimilate the heros
of ancient myths 
to an allegorical manuscript. 
From those fields I journeyed over
for many years is a land
no one should enter
to obtain a peaceful mind.
As the golden sun painted on the wall never sets,
a stronghold impulse is glued to my knuckles that never
lets me be. The throttle increases till m flesh burns
and causes the roots of m hair to shake loose.
I cannot settle for the night,
a never-ending day will suffice.
Try me thrice against the ice
a slippery surface is nice.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ambrosia is Brooding

Of tumultuous promiscuity ensues the young woman's mind,
look not toward the love that blocks the sun rays from your eyes.
The mind is a powerful machine of biological connections and screams.
A scared scared lover will encounter your pain of shaded plum trees
dyeing an unusual way from turmoil and hypertension disorders.
Is it unlawful to place peace on a gun or enflame sexual desires in selfish manners?

Shame gleams in gradients of ultraviolet because the child inside lost sight of the moon.
Awaken and  retrieve the spontaneity of motherhood and don't be one to glare.
The sun could possibly not set in your eyes and then you'll be locked in towers
surrounded by fire and no one will care if you die.

Hammer your long hair to ceilings of heaven so you stay pure and secure.
Proclaim a smile that is all your own.
Do not howl or laugh and only weep when looked at
and then you'll see blossom of red from a virgin hole
drip slowly away between crystalline thighs
on linen sheets odorous of your perfume from your nape.

Mother Mary is calling your name,
You know it is true.
be that perfect Catholic girl
and blushed cheeks
be that perfect girl
envisioned by angles
be perfect
What more can a flower do
for someone who is decaying without truth?
When a fresh new body is rotting away
by products that sell cancer and growth delays.
This word, a wonderland of destruction, is doomed to
disembark on an international collaboration to go green.
Yet, America is the one to hold back and keep progress in a
perpetual decline. If you see dead animals all around, think before
you litter, before you use gasoline, drill for oil, burn plastic, use fertilizers, plastic bags, bottles, metal cans, watering a lawn in summer sun, waste food, waste water, taking a nap on a yatch, running electricity all hours of the day, spraying aerosol cans, cutting down trees.....

Ice Swimming

Whilst the atmosphere may tingle one's skin
it is best to stay out of the icy blue ocean in northern waters
lest you are an aquatic creature.
Become a whale with thick skin.

Our Future Is Swimming with Delight

Fanciful diligence of gentlemen within the womb of a yolk-yellow sun lay resting in apricot glum.
Ladies shun the useless gents.
For those men no longer work by labors hands.
Women rose through societies milieus to find their success strengthened by numbers.
All girls grow accustomed to join the working force and pay attention to housewifery less.
A home is an equal place.

Escape a Landscape

I loose! I loose the battle of insight everyday. My thoughts meander and sway. A whistle from a mouth is annoying and deceiving as ringing bells keep achieving the headache to heighten, the heat rises, and scents flourish in the air. My cadence rolls in on a bowling pin. The weight of critiques left sided opinions do not knock me down or thrust me forward, but rather zig-zag me in notable progressions. Am I proud of incompatible faith or is drowning an escape?