Sunday, February 27, 2011

Silent Spectacle

Gathered from the fields
a gloomy dusty rock
painted in grays
subtle hints of haze.
Mundane place,
this endless face
holds no thoughts
that one can trace.
Single celled organisms
float by invisibly,
but the invisible people
notice them.
Gathered from the fields
dirty rose buds
fainted colors
from a sun that once thrived
in eyes of dark green
are now morose.
A deplorable sight
the night cannot heal
and for once a man or woman
would like to feel no fight
when something small was right
that traveled a long ways
into a crumbling hand.
Another fragmented object
from the dastardly fields 
chose me as the deliverer 
that binds me to a fate.
I must assimilate the heros
of ancient myths 
to an allegorical manuscript. 
From those fields I journeyed over
for many years is a land
no one should enter
to obtain a peaceful mind.

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