Friday, April 22, 2011

Weird Dream

This dream involved spiders that sat upon my floral sheeted bed. There was this gigantic fuzzy tarantula spider. The spider was very still. Two other spiders that I called babies rolled out of the tarantula in crab shells. I touched one and the legs and a head popped out of the shell. I brushed the strange spiders off my bed. On the floor between my bed and my roommates bed was a pile of mess. One spider still in the crab shell got lost in the mess. My roommate and I could not find it. We are both scared for when it morphs into the tarantula and it will bite us someday. However, we did get the other crab shell spider and the tarantula into a container. The spiders didn't even try to crawl out. Then on a pile of books was a weird beetle. The beetle had human teeth. It was hissing at me as it smiled. It was very strange. But that is the end.

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