Thursday, March 3, 2011

A long Ways Away

The day, the time, the rhyme that was shy. Cancel my plans for the evening. I must rest up for the reunion of the glory days. The hours that conceived my powers. The lover without flowers. Give me your hand, for I will place it on a cold, ivory key of this piano. Please, let me stay with you. In outer space chills the finery of powdered pigments to be placed in hair. Lend me your brass knuckles give them to me now. SHout out the exoteric answers! Nuclear rhythm, a solid tune, aging melodies, raging felonies. Tell me again of how you love me! I forget if you are coming or going. I do not see you when you see me. I think you turn invisible. Deniable phantom chains, wrists assaulted with glaze. Former member of my band, discontinue counting on your hands. I will chop them off for you.

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