Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Egrets regret the broken feathers left for better measures. Winter comb and brush the landscape take me to a summer lake. Spiders on fire a noose of wire strung around my neck. Let me tip-toe across the charcoal, distance makes a different cycle. Leading doves into water. Shackles shake and rattle. Steeping tea leaves, fragile tea bags, mutants spy an undefined love. Puppet master mates a young girl. Foolery spreads thighs of pure magic. Butter onto toast, juice in glass cup, poetry in morning rays, delightful day. Each unafraid, unaware, innocent dangers linger in the air. Escape and run far away. Loss of appetite. Apricot girls pray for the apricot trees to blossom from mother earth's bosom. Legend foretold this day of night's shade he would disguise himself as prey. He misled a nation. Mistook him for a victim... and what was I? I was nothing but a madwoman roaming the filthy streets. Skipping stones in bloody pools, dogs that bark for food, sisters that laugh, brothers that cry, bullies that loose; we are all washed down a whirlpool of hate.

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