Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Breaking of Many Hearts

Do you remember the way she flew?
Her tiny feet wore pure gold slippers,
her breasts felt the finest silk,
her earlobes pierced with sterling silvers,
gems cascaded down her hair.

And when she cried
every man felt sad
but she was the one to
break their hearts.

She fell in love so easily
instigated shame
sinned every time
still was not afraid to rhyme.
Her sour to sweet disclosure seemed fine.
For it was as though she was brimming with infinite sunshine.

One was never to foresee
she could bend a strong man in half
by the whims of her seduction
she tore at men's flesh with her teeth.
Fingernails shaper then knives,
she stabbed at their skin.
She had a thirst for blood
but never drank it.
Do not take her for a vampire,
she would take offense.

A little of her insanity goes a long way.
She inspired all the fair maidens of the town
to go awry.
"Empowerment to the women!" she cried.
Bells rang at dinnertime and no one eats.

Fortitude of abysmal blame
Go run for your life!
Take the trains marked savior
find some other land of misogyny.
However, that does not mean
this idea will not spread.

***Notes: I really don't know. Sometimes we are all lead to believe we still live in a patriarch society but, from the true women's movement of the 60s and 70s all has seemed pretty equal. I don't want women superior to men, it just made for a crazy poem idea. I don't think I like the poem too much anyways. I will keep playing around with this concept for a better way to approach it. I want to encompass all this thought I have here now. There are still those men that want superiority to women, but all that should undoubtedly change. So should stereotypes.

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