Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Turbines punctuate pressure
so as not to perpetrate the pleasure
of being alarmed in the face.
Stamina withheld the future from erupting
the giant lake that stood below the sky.
As stagnant waters never loose
the relay of death they do so include.
All inclusive stay at the arenas bay,
choice by choice, whisper by whisper,
secrets select their keeper.
Perpetuate the longitude
elongate my servitude
hold my tidings dearer,
I dare you to.
Falling pieces do presume the
earths mantel is impedimenta,
the Gods will win the trophy
of life. A visage of light
purity and fright
lends the viewer to believe
this person is plastique.
Proliferate the ratings of television shows
so the discerning audience will struggle
with greater values then one can handle.
Luggage my be heavy,
yet lighter then the solar flares damage.
Cowards swallow air
enlarging their capacity to fold underneath the shadows
that illuminate the breath of the heros
that copulate with success.
Each goal made by society looses contact
with humanity; every task is inhumanly possible.
Unbeknownst to the commoner that makes sense out of horoscopes
believes a dollar grows into millions over the course of a week.
Unfortunate collages of disaster supplements the nature of death.
Nuclear bomb upon nuclear filth
layering more disgusts and guilt
paves a grave for those who date
the guillotine's blade.
Dance hall filled with dancing souls
abrasive captivity illustrates the aroused
structure of impressive cityscapes.
Every cloud in the sky was poked by a skyscraper once
or twice depending upon the weather.
And a stake for every heart that claims to be broken
due to time and money;
both being deathly insufficient and
vastly overrated.

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