Saturday, September 10, 2011

Planned and the Unplanned

Seeing this for the first time made me quake
I screamed at the sight of flesh in my head
as an lipid and trilobite arranges crawling
bacteria into deathly, unseen places.
To live in my bubble of poison and craze
desire a change in every single way.
Just seeing all that he could be every creep
of my eyebrow hair stood on end deciding
the direction of up and out is so scary and
deep breaths of moisture fossilize like
my crystal of contempt I reached a faze
that I rather not care anymore because
it is easier and I float on a feather I am
raped by men in every dream at night
I feel used and unwanted every waking
day of my life. Just look at me and all
that I could be but I am none of that.
Baking, baking, melting like ice
melting, sheering like rice
sheering, seething like spice.
Laugh at me
you will

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