Saturday, August 4, 2012


Blooming feathers of smoke.
A billowing pillow of darkness
to cloak the life-giving forces of a
sun so powerful.
Smog erasures the insurance of glee.
Ash is snow from an evil deed.
(Ash is snows wicked cousin)
And we all know that if we dare to
breath, a masked demon will be quick
to follow you into hell.

That is me! That is me!
In my dream I die.

Larval states magnetize the salmon roe
lava is an amazing flow.
A volcano in perfection forms to a peak
almost to create an upside-down V.
When the eruption occurs,
it has androgynistic powers.
Adrenal rushes my ectoplasm
is create terrific orgasms
it is sex during menstruation.

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