Saturday, August 4, 2012

3 Three Third Place Please (Bronze) aka Looser/Not Good Enough

I have eyes of potent desire.
Heed my knees, watch the keys.
Pick and eat the berries for me.

The singularity of layers are
accustomed to presume the perfume
for obsessive yet apparent reasons.

For the most of the joy and sorrow,
one may only barrow a barrel and bell,
a bucket of whisky to pass the time.

The tin can clanks as I keep loosing
faith the dinner shall ever be served
on a plate in my favor of flavor.

Well deserved credit is an
unsubstantial letter that includes
neatly typed sentences.

Supplement transparent behaviors
and attitudes toward institutionalized
traitors and tailors, they are menders of slime.

Salivate at a rubber tire,
loosen the three tiered wires,
columbine the amassed followers.

Restructure the mindset the instant
he walks into your path.
You need to be better.

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