Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Persona of Dread

The one that can be missed
is always there
staring at you with longing.
As invisible as a gravitational tree,
a raw cut eulogy will sooth me.
And what words shall grace the stone
as the epitaph, or will it remain empty?
One cannot sneak out of the grave,
for it is the final resting place.
And at the sound of a winter cup
that the spoon knocked upon and
opened you up to a world of lonely.
Trying their best as if to accommodate
the stale dove feathers leading to hope,
nothing finds the living scope.
However, hovering over the dread
aspect, picking up on hidden sounds,
observable trenches;
code word thermometer,
trial run climber,
detachable state sideliner.
A sinner is closer to the sun
and for that my friend is your gun
that you placed directly to my heart.
You pulled that trigger to do away
with me and it worked.

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