Friday, March 7, 2014

Encased in Resin

The Larger Duplex

Container space brain
Reluctant egotism
delayed mannerisms
are the qualities in possession.

I randomly walk to frozen swamps
and ponder the mechanisms of
a merry-go-round.
That eludes to further conclude
the trimmings of lace
traps you in a cognitive trance,
a subspecies coma.
Our vernacular does not dwell
on thoughts that quell.

Take your leave of absence to the
lands of Pumapunku...

Endothermic Dress

If the nuance of my careful
observations are devastating
to you, do not lock your targets
on the base of my brain.

We are here to gather every historical
creative intelligence and download it
to a crystal skull.
Theories suggest it contains information,
but how much more can it consume?
Our wedding registry is continued
at Gobleki Tepe...

Present us with rock samples,
bone shards, and mysteries
leading to possible truths.
I want ruins my path
to become newer landscapes.

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