Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fault in Our Wallflowers

The part without resonance
is to recreate the adjective
prescribed by doctors to
initiate her to this psyche ward.
The nurses lost lemons by
the millions every single day.
No wonderment at all.
She was the type of human
described by many others as
a wallflower.
She relinquished in her defeat,
exaggerated her fears,
performed her duties in mystery.
Others thought she was indubiously
plastered to the wall to keep
the foundations held up and steady.
However, the day she made the
walls freeze over and heave,
eruptions broke, flowed, and were freed.
Every inch of her pallet was resourced
by the undead government.
"Watch out for the quiet ones" was
a whispered phrase held on keychains.
If you didn't know it,
it is the word of the prophets now.

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