Friday, March 14, 2014

I Have A Lot of Alone Time to Be Sick

If you haven't known defeat,
it is going to sleep before midnight.
If you do not understand time,
then no space shall be made for you.
If you cannot count the cars,
the result will be devastating.

Distractions of fairy worlds
degrade an existence profusely
rendered at the subconscious level.
What becomes ironic is the bolder
barely bares resemblance to the
mirror reflection,
that is merely and inclination to
flirt with said iconic idols.

If it pleases the family,
pleasures the wounded,
doves the unloved,
digs out the glass shards,
then and only then shall you
be mine own wife.

On a vine we mingle,
delightful tingles,
twitches and pearls,
ringlets and wronglets,
the lead that dripped into
your ear...
tape up the orifices.
Mommy does you no harm.

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