Thursday, March 13, 2014


Aloha! My name is Amanda, I just like to go by Ama. Finding a way to describe myself is tough, I'm always in a constant state of flux. Poetry has always been a growing interest of mine, I am thus quite vested in making it a habit to have to write every single day just as much as I draw and paint. I am 23 years old and after graduating college, I haven't read a complete novel... that makes me feel so awful. However, I find it so delightful to read others writing on this site. That helps to fill the void of ingesting words into my brain! Although, I am an avid online article reader, they're just so accessible! Other interests of mine include science fiction (mainly Star Trek), MUSIC, study of insects, art history,and when my car has its necessary repairs I will have a gym membership.  I work part time as a floral designer, teach jewelry classes, and sometimes get freelance graphic design work.

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