Friday, March 14, 2014

Personal Poverty

Edging out to the unusual...
I thus kindly confess,
due to the inclimate unrest,
I cannot connect to others.
If fingertips were to touch
a few particles of your skin,
a chemistry would surely stir.
The physicality is a localized
heathen beast, comes out to feast.
Yet, on a deeper level is what a
soul searcher seeks.
Those levels are caution taped
away from me.
Whether is I whom sticks the tape,
or I sense that you've placed
wall, I respect that wall.
Awkwardness does not
make me back away, but
your ability to initiate quiet time...
the unintentional "Oh my life is
busy" excuse becomes
tired and boring to me.
I am always the one left out
of everybody's life.
Why can't they just talk to me?
No one has a yearning
or a glimmering curiosity to
hang out with me?
If I can't call the shots,
but you do,
I'm the doormat that is
trampled on.
It has been this way
for far too long.
I should accept my loneliness.

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