Friday, March 7, 2014

Someone, Please Find: Me!

Plethora of sleek pleather,
a flea bargain deal...
duck and cover.
For your rib cage
is not the meal.
Skin and bones is what
you seek.
That image is so bleak.
The meek soul is too eager,
bring her the elevator,
no, not the escalator.
They asked the excavator
about the news
broadcasted null the heavy tune,
o'er the thunderous mountains,
lowly hung valleys,
shy caverns,
hollow willow woods.
The dusty feet could no longer
withhold the deteriorating dam.
The water rushes in,
as if a woman is late for a date,
only to find out that this place
is so much larger and
gravely different
then when she entered her grave.

To awaken a ghost is a great task,
yet to care for the ghost is an even grander
obsession, so unusual and surreal.
The living individual must be willing
to sacrifice blood and water.
The flesh must be partially departed.
That individual will become
a broken human.

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