Monday, March 17, 2014

Running Toward the Edge of A Time Piece

If I had leapt toward a cow
inward innards bludgeoning plow
begonias muddled up
stinking rags
petunia helium
realistic mags.
Goldfish atheneum
sepulture brags
hidden indigo gypsy
smoking scabs.
Trespassing trapeze
troops deploy in breeze
creep in knee deep
seaweed scum
open eyelids
out toward shattering
gramophones glass.
Remain like a statue
collect like magnets
invisable as a rhino
within the grass
bleeding out for the mass.
Sneezing, bumping,
blurting out secret words,
friends, no friends, go back home.
Lock up, look out, die alone.
Sneaking ghostly
around the cabinet,
knock the contents out,
scare a man.
Make your way at the ground
six feet under going down.
Dizzy array of blurring sand,
shocking the foundations,
collapse a house,
devils work,
worship no one.
Gathering ego,
reincarnation incompletion,
missing half of yourself,
search the people,
pick up trails of wormhole gas.

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