Wednesday, April 2, 2014

You Are What You Watch Not

Not to withstand the implication of temptation
legalizing the first draft is an impish action
brought forth to by the Intimidation Council,
who's sole purpose is to rattle your bones and to
make an Individuals teeth fall out (we provide a
metal pale to drop your teeth in. We must collect
your teeth as they become our property thereof).
An X marks the area of floor that the Individual
must stand on before the court.
This Individual shall receive no outside help
from that of which we provide for our client.

Without further ado, this trial shall commence.

Incandesce illuminated milk (Chinese water)
excluded the roundabout factors precluding
discontinued health relations of producer,
consumer, and caretaker.
This Individual came into contact with the
caretaker the moment they shook hands
and recited the verbal joust of small talk,
jokes, and the latest weather forecast.
The caretaker ran into the Iranian She-devil
an hour before their meeting.
The Iranian She-Devil procured this title
by inducing herself into coma, waking up
on the sidewalk, and deeming herself homeless,
and stealing a taco night family dinner from
her neighbors, the family claims to have
never met her before in their lives.
Why is this She-devil important to our
case? I ask you, why is she not important?
However, the caretaker held no knowledge
that the She-Devil was the toxic vessel of
a psychotropic drug that produced in her
an airborne disease.
The caretaker unfortunately became infected
and passed it onto this Individual.
There was never any knowledge or evidence
of the distraction of this disease and it
is now all traced back to one poor woman.
But now we have this Individual in contempt
of counteracting the drug, and that, my audience,
is where the law has been so mercilessly fractured.

~To be continued~
I hope...

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