Sunday, April 13, 2014

Punch Bowl Extremities

We all know the jokes
about the jocks bruised
whilst snoozed.
That insinuated the clandestine
charms of the belle de jour
just because they can.
When the fog heats the brain,
we convulse with shame-gasims.
Made out of pure enigma stardust,
they rose to the challenge of bravery.
What they had to prove was ambiguous.
However, the mighty persevered.

Getting to the punchbowl all
haunched over and contorted,
he vomited into oblivion.
I once knew a man that had a buddy
that was a pal of a dude that became
a prostitute to a transgendered bodybuilder.
My mind is engineered to receive your
solitary love signals.
Lets just fuck around.
The end...
or it is the event horizon.
Enter the void, my friend,
my one and only friend.

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