Sunday, January 19, 2014

Opulence at the Height of Anticipation

The moonstone glow is a sun dance away
crowning the glory of an observatory
kissing the King and Queen's feet.
Court jester stares at the unruly
actions of the cantankerous daughter
owning up to little just to cause a nuisance.
This is where the opulence began and ended.

At long last we have the cadence of peace,
the rhythm of returning souls to the population.
Dawning at the sky, purple and blues catch the clouds.
Remember to tuck away the monsters,
keep them away from the crowd.

The King and Queen tend the land in honor
of long held traditions,
however, the degradation occurs.
At the strike of noon, the book of hours
collapses creating a tare in reality of time.
Some unknown disruption leaks in.
No, it was not the wine.

It must have been the mercury
seeping out her pours
possessed by source of alien
activity that caused her to burst.
The King and Queen weep over
the torn flesh remnants.
The cour jester, capativaed by curiosity
touches the silver liquid
and his flesh develops painful marks
and exhales toxins into the air.

No one but a servant escapes
alive enough to wonder around to
the market place calling out for help.
The servant expels stronger toxins.
Thus, the plague shall spread.

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