Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hushed Sounds of Winter's Dead

The sun is blocked out due to abnormalities
of the chain reaction to the rise of a Queendom.
When mothers, daughters, sisters and their bff's
became heavy hearted from loosing countless battles
at the biannual berserker blowing tournaments
at the partially invisible ice skating rink,
the universe cracked open…
in other words, it became a hot mess.
Glowing boylders shaped like breasts,
thumping and constroodling misers and the czars,
humping, hips thrusting, half way to Mars.
My eyes counted the flying cars;
One, two hundred, and three thousand million!
His hair grew out in a flash, became dreads,
constricted his throat till he no longer was breathing.
My chaos is bending the time.
Remember when we used to be happy
sipping on coffee, sucking down sweets,
skipping class with our every heart beat?
And we are in love because we met.
I do not think my Gemini planets were in
alignment that night.
Yet, we got along and had fun.
Brand new barnyard chic is the latest trend in fashion.
Have you got a light?
My hair strands are wicks that need flames.

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