Friday, February 1, 2013

The Green Pastoral Sheen

In the markedly silent, yet horrific
automobile crash site,
I threw a rock that disintegrated
into cheese and feathers.
The gray loose edges of carbon fiber
figurines rose exceedingly fast to
catch the calloused lily from
the evil and accursed hands.
The bones shake
and I fake a smile
and leave out through the backdoor.
I walk out onto a field filled with
surveillant serpents with cameras attached,
detached, and attached again to their
smooth, cold, luxuriant backs.
I am nothing more then a victim
to them.
Their venom can disengage me
into submissive positions.
My covalent bond is charged
for maximum power.
I will charge out of this space
and hope for a truly inspiring
arrival into a noteworthy
food chamber of gluttony commerce,
also known as a chain restaurant.

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