Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Common Intrusions

Without a bath, a meal, and socks,
I meander lovingly through the streets of joy.
A bread without yeast cannot entice me.
From one summer lover to the next,
a dandy fellow such as yourself elapsed into
that same elliptical pose of possession,
the one that made your loose your epilepsy of oppression
on the very same night of progressive peasantry
and optical illusionism polygon porridge.
In all the same sense, it is a mockery made of me.
A betrayal onto hedonism like wine on top of water.
What if I was candid in your presence,
would your concise lips caress a silver lobed ear
of mine without being a gold digger?
If that is all you think women are after,
then globe trot around the world.
Work with the elders and the
untouchables of India.
You will find enlightenment in your chest.
A wretched coronary artery is barely breathing.
Let go of your comfort.
You can be so articulate like a robot.
All that data congealing in your mind.
Where is the super sauce
or the whisper of freedom
loss of temptation and addiction?
In an abode is a commode, mantlepiece, family crest...
health not hazardous
balding contemptuous
throw a shot put.
Whittle the tiniest hours
for loathsome thieves
counteract archetypal screams
the schematic in your mind..............

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