Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Know What I Do. Am I Doing it? Oh God What Am I Doing? Don't Bring God Into This?

For minute in Minot, ND we minueted.
I told my mother, "It was pleasant."
You told your father, "It was difficult."
The audience applauded us for an encore!
However, you pranced off the stage.
In all my eighteen years of life,
I thought that minuet to the soft,
ambiguous melodies warped my heart
into loving you in romantic territories.
I wanted to undress you.
Now tell me the truth.
"I am gay."
And I thought a man could love me...

Dreamless struggles in a pampered life
twist the curls in my hair.
Wrestle feather pillows for pleasure
overcome frustration of what
life deals me with pain.
If I get it, I'll get it the wrong way,
yet it is better then the stingy society
envelopes our youth in.

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