Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spontaneity Hot Lips

close to harm but far from a farm

church metal hindi ragas chime from ear to ear as a metaled body mouse sweeps from side to side, atoned to be correct in devilish haze grows a lazy grime and a heart throb that bleeds.

muffled trout in a zoo threw a spoon, threw a spoon. but the hippo saw that the spoon was gloom and blasted it off into space and explodes like Mardi Gras beads.

i play with my tooth and all the teeth see that i am no more then a villain in the lacksadalsicle streets.

turn on a dime, turn on a penny, do not turn on a fire inside a tiny rabbit.

twice baked muffins and once baked potato, a two time barking dog and a stereo without a sound, a bank and a drill and a microphone too!
tire tired tried so true
triple thoughts and double blue balloons.
a fortnight away and a day too soon
can we see a walrus just this once?

bubbles in the evening, bubbles in the night, they do not think like these ones do but it will give them many a fright.
triple staircase left and quadruple teardrops fall, an antelope descends and an elephant ascends!

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