Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Small of Your Cheek (Emblazoned Abandonment Furniture Check Postponed of Inactivity Since the Second of March)

In the reciprocals of this evenings event,
the trash receptacles are dangling like testicles.
I tickle them, I make them blush,
and I bedazzle them with makeup.
Your forehead matches your foreskin.
What about the last evening of last year.
It went something like this.
You were strapped into a giant latex heel,
bleeding ribcage,
guttural language sparked imagination!
I was determined to have you pay.
Ignition is savory,
lemon drops to your open wounds.
You wish you could cry if you saw
what you looked like.

I had no intention of making this BDSM, but oh well. There you have it.

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