Sunday, March 24, 2013

Like Things in Excess Never to Get Too Attached

Glacier glooming all protruding
topless Minerva meeting mildew
in the evenings shivers sleeping
swerving scorpions see you teething.
Moldings melt meth labs seeking
sloppy anachronisms burden deepening.
Thoughts endearing as mind eroding
protrusions shock slabs like cocks
seeping southward into tales of asylums
lynching all that deem to be the best
is beasts of misanthropic disproportion.
Bleeding before your steep steps of love
trophies full of empty love
in distant yet distinct emblems beef,
billow shout soothing pillows
shot in my inner heart
a coordinate of false claims
and phony appeals applied
to the chins of men that I hate.
Mild milking of meaty mermaids
miffed muffles for me.

Why have teachers always told me (amongst classroom of students) to never use large vocabulary in poems? I love huge weird words, so fuck it. It's my thing and I like it. But I just felt like to think about that when in midst of this poem that I am sure uses these words in incorrect ways, but like i said, fuck it.  I just want there to be no rules...

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