Sunday, March 24, 2013

I End Up Alone

The beast in the room
is a fly on the wall,
a mammoth of a micrometer
and moves at the blink of an eye
can be anything so slow as magma
burning up the retinas
in a sacrificial supremacy.
Nothing artificial about her
which is why they not dare
speak to her.
The others put on a face of false
pretenses that she takes as truth,
but in reality she should
not open up her heart
to anyone.
People are out there as
They live to disappoint you.
The world does not even revolve around you.
Yet, you feel you have the right
to hold this absurd notion
that within each waking step
your feet take
the ground will shake
causing others to react
in such ways as to alienate you
from our very own race.
What she (the you that I have been referring to)
is an excitant breed that regenerates 
inside every species and every notion of a thought.
Inside your own wrong-doing,
self-destructive imagination,
you would like to decimate every human!
That cannot happen.
Oh I pray for the apocalypse! 
There is no grantee that will occur in
my lifetime. 
So she might choose suicide.
No more future,
no more plans,
no more friends.
Life is all frustration,
disappointment, and lies.

I lost all hope.

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