Monday, March 18, 2013

Shoe Gauzey

A wolf fell into butter
while a flower attacked the spotlight.
My foot flew off the train
and landed in your open-eye-soup-story.
A tragedy struck indeed
when one or more females rape
a panda. "Are you crazy woman?"
I just asked you to answer the phone.
"He keeps hanging up."
And I answer God.
Flying up laughter
shot out the cannon.
Balls on fire,
you can sing like a little girl
stuck on falsetto
reaching toward a giraffes heart.
We grow closer together.
We learn the Russian alphabet together.
We find the waffles
and eat them in bed.
A perfect day is spending a blizzard
trapped in the bedroom.
The heat will be turned up.
Lets watch movies all the way
until we gather up fire
and make it a lusty hell.

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