Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kamikaze Cherry Flu

Reluctancy is my price
of everything that was tripled thrice
I'd much rather a stampede to take
my life away.
In crumbs I circle the illusory fate
of a bombastic sadistic trance
that caught my love at a glance.
If my eyes were ice cream,
would you lick them?
If my hair were pixy stixs,
would you eat them?
If my knees were a Caesar salad,
would you eat that too?
I cannot handle all these "what if"
questions I pose to you in the instance of my brain.
Please just climb inside my brain
and see where I live
because this is all I have to offer
when my legs do not run from disaster.
If then, and only then, a Phoenix will
gladly rise full of grace the lord is with thee,
and never is the sea apart of me.
It was entwined with the curls of You.

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