Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crazier than You Know

If you know what is real,
then please proceed to delete
that information. Thus completing
with this transaction/transformation,
you are becoming vulnerable to
the disease of gullibility.
You are now a juvenile...
see yourself standing before
a door that enters to a candy store.
I know what is best for you,
you want to eat all that sugar.
So go ahead and eat it.
Now your IQ has dropped
an incredible amount
because you watch cartoons on
the television all day long.
I want you to go outside and
run around and swing on the swing set.
Run off all that sugar.
I am your mother. I make the mistake
of giving you coffee at eight o'clock in the night.
You are hyper yet again.
Mother takes a gun from her bedside table.
You are jumping on your bed with all your stuffed animals.
Mother walks into your bedroom
points that pistol straight at your head
it shoots and you are dead.
Now how was that journey?
DO feel as though you have accomplished something?
Anything at all?
It's just because I told you so,
that innocence is dead.
Now really go to bed.

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