Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Capital Innuendo

My flavor is that of a beast,
it gallops and it feasts.
Nothing more is a flower,
which follows the dead to the gallows.
The nights in Harlem
dancing out in the street
it makes me sleep, makes me sleep.
Glorious riverbed in Greece,
how thy name howls inside me
repeating, "Greece, Greece, Greece."
I cannot do without the owl from
the forest that I walked in and out
of trees that were only for me!
The trees and the leaves
and yes, they have left me.
I shower in someone else's bathroom,
I growl at another's castle,
The shovel is lifted to my face.
I deem me unfit for a chase.
The longitude of my lollipop
is less then my brain
and that's not saying much.

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