Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oregon, Origami, Oregano and Oreos

I try to spice up your life and let loose of sense
shake the fists and raise my head
bead jewels to an elastic bands
fling the ice cubes to dry salt flats
solidify the mashed potatoes I dumped in your pants
pick up a penny and leave a dime
behind you is a panda that wants to get burned
blowtorch a hole in the hands of the poor
unholy is the peach that killed the chief
I for one know it was not a deputy that wanted to die
but a sheriff committed suicide by jellybeans
and jello floats in new termed goals
and goats gloat of glories young and old
as the twinkle in your eye moves back and forth
I kiss your lips as you kiss mine
and the lemon drops from my mind
helping the damn break free and water integrates
the need for coolness in peace
as if we were laying in bed and dreaming
the stars glow to our healthy skin
and solar flares bend and alleviate the textured moss
hanging newly formed cobwebs singing tunes old and new
time passes so slow our imaginations roar
to partake in a birth of a lion that is king to all.

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