Thursday, October 21, 2010

Commenting toward women being accused as witches more then men during the witch trails in MA.

Malleus Maleficarum discusses how women are more vulnerable to the devil and superstitions then men are. This reading claims women to be of weaker sex; weak in knowledge, memory, and sense of self since women can be impressionable. This also claims that women only want to please men, thus making them lusty and lewd creatures that perform their magic with their serene-like voices and sharp tongues inclined to lie at any time. Women are full of emotions and when a women weeps, it is in means of gaining attention and deceiving a male. Their carnal, fragile bodies of lust only want to lure men in just to perform their duty of destruction.

Eve is used as the earliest examples of woman kind and how she has been made as an unperfected form of male since she was created out of a bent rib. It was in her nature to eat the forbidden apple and to seduce Adam. Ever since then, Eve has given women an unforgiving curse. It is quite unfortunate because this sort of view has suppressed women throughout history. However, it is easy to stem into a feminist fight here (I am passionate about equality in present times into the future for women).

Men were threatened of the thought for women to possess this power because the men found a weakness for women in themselves. So before if a man were to break any strict laws of Puritan mannerisms, a woman should be blamed for the wrong doing. The men feared their own lust at this time and would not want to go against the church for the wanting of sex. Most of the witchcraftery is based upon sexual inclinations. As long as the men held the power and blamed a women for a wonton behavior, she could be executed immediately.

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