Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Give Nothing Away

I give nothing away
except for a parking space I once occupied.
I give nothing away,
not elven columbines.
I gave a wink toward the shore
when once a while back a ship did sink there.
A devastating blow, but I am no longer lonely.
The beach is renowned for the mourning ghosts
weeping salty tears.
I strongly believe that sharing nothing is the best way
to live my life. What was ever said from my mouth
becomes lost. I hate to speak of what should be spoken.
I give nothing away to preserve the memory of staid, sullen, and gruesome
followings. I follow fate.
Oh my, I gave too much away.
But I have not moved my lips.
I will not speak this.
Nor will you,
lest you want a death wish...

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