Friday, October 22, 2010

No Movement

Liquid night of a tall and slender block of silky hair dark as ravens feathers and
lighter then a gentle soul picking up wind in a heated debate
amongst friendly gatherers shoveling in space.
I had a head contained with passive thoughts moving too quick to formulate
an opinion. One side of me felt dead
the other side of me leapt nearer to an open flame of a fire.
Burning would be an option.
I kept awake to stare into the blank
and cold crept over me
because the fire dulled down.
The host approached me.
I closed my eyelids and that is the last anyone saw of me.
In my mind I arrived to a place of stone
a template drawn in gray lines carved into my skin
and drops of blood streamed.
Could this be everything I repressed?
Something lurking is watching over me
and I possess the time to find out what it could be
but my bones do not move me.

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