Thursday, March 12, 2015


A growth departure
languid loose deseases
and defecting madness
pure plum puzzel moisture
forget a thought and bring
a new one to the table.
Deter on the spectrum
of voluptuous necessity,
the color has yet to reveal
the negative or a neutron.
Hazard subscription,
outlook for a goal.
Flowing monkeys
and cool west key monitors.
Searchlight anthems,
quickened sand seeps,
peppers and the rouge
lipstick bobs up and down
the waves crashing onto breasts.
Defeat the nasty guests
kill the doomsday procedures.
Nuzzle him, snuggle her,
mess of bodies heating on
one large landmass till the
landmines explode and extrapolate
the extra peculiar pelicans.

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