Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Tribunal of Dispartides

That opal over there, yes that brilliant opal.
Just open your eyeball please!
I endure your touch of the opal.
Place that sacred stone in your palm.
We become equalized by the effects
of the opal. The sequential spiritual
properties are among the greatest
that astounds all ages.
It is really something special to witness
and to express the gratitude out amongst others.
It will bring a valued friendship success,
it shall gift a couple with fidelity,
it can win all hearts,
it can be freeing and life consuming.
Use it wisely because it does not like
to feel as if it is being used.
It must feel like a long lost lover
reunited to a familial embrace.
I implore that you must incumbent my opal.
May all the blessing be upon you
and your soul. Your chakras are blooming!

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