Monday, April 30, 2012

Trolling Dependencies

A redundant monitor strikes again
release the bicarbonate into snails.
Sneezing fitted for no tissue,
make sure the cobblestone is dry
as a whistle.
Third man sails home from work.
the streets become canals into my
ear drum ever beating to honor the
sandman in heart full of toes.
He forgot my flower seeds and
basil shall suffice.
They suffered through worse weather
in vehicle decline of winter.
The horse will read Proust.
Our hours shall dwindle away.
Divine sanctions stipend of pay.
Ejaculate more and more into my
ear canal of misery please dear.
My unworthy pupils, paid palpitations
wandering afar in misty' shanks.
They shackled him to boulders
larger then China.
Had they shook him ever so
slightly, our combs would
combine to produce the ultimate
brush for teeth and hair.
All is wonderful when the evolution
betters the state of affairs.

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